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    Does any one know of any wine classes?? I need a crash course on wines…trying to get back into the food service industry and my lack of wine knowledge has been a MAJOR setback! Although I drink it, I have a pretty limited understanding…any suggestions? Thank you!

    Please don’t suggest I read a book…. :)



    i would call local wine distributors..

    they have a vested interest in your education.

    SEATTLE WINE CLASSES in google netted several options including the local community college and one of the local wine distributors… and a champagne class in early november.



    JoB…you’re the best!




    Here’s a link to the wine program at South Seattle Community College.





    good luck to you.

    Learning about wines was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life… even though i can do longer drink them.. knowing how to pair wines to food was useful long after i left the food industry… and still guides me in choosing cooking wines.. even when evaluating two buck chuck:)



    Uuuuggghhhh…I want that knowledge JoB…how to pair wines with different foods…thanks Kbear…was going straight to the “food & wine pairing class” but apparently I have to take a few pre-requisite classes….I think I will sign up for wine 101 though and get started….heading to Barns & Noble….(@#%$&) Wine Pairing for Dummies ??? Did I say NO books please? :)

    aahhh, two buck chuck….I think it’s three buck chuck now.



    I Googled “wine 101” and “wine for beginners” and found all kinds of stuff. Here are a few of the first links I found.






    Perfect Maplesyrup!

    I’m set, thanks all..on my way to being a sommelier!




    wine tastings at local vineyards are free and you can learn a lot there…

    start at the Pike Place Market. You would be surprised at how quickly you begin to make comparisons..



    Hey Buddy – I would go to Esquin Wine Merchants in SODO on 4th. This is such a great place with knowledgeable staff. In fact, there is a free tasting this coming Saturday afternoon of French wines. Bet you can learn a lot, and try some out for free! :-) Their prices are very good at Esquin



    What about our very own WS Wine Cellars? They have a free tasting every Thursday from 5:30-8:00pm. There was a stretch where I went every week for over a year. Before then I could not figure out what it was that I did or did not like about a certain wine, only that I did or did not like it. I’m never going to be an oenophile but I can now select a wine and be fairly sure I’m going to enjoy it, and that it will work with whatever food I’m preparing.

    They even have a wine 101 class this Friday evening, oct 23. http://www.wscellars.com



    The best way to learn about wines begins with your budget, and I mean money spent over a long period of time.

    There are many websites and books you can look into that describe the different wines based on the grapes.

    My approach was to target a specific wine and try all of the varieties across the price scales.

    Wine equipment for me was a good cork puller, I tend to use an eclectic now, a bottler vacuum sealer, and an assortment of wine glasses.

    You can add a decanter in the mix if you don’t mind the minor and major curves in them that would make cleaning a chore, but there are other ways to let them breath. I use a metallic chop stick I use to swirl a little air into the wine myself.

    I am a red wine drinker, but start with a mellow wine type and get familiar with it, before venturing into the more complex ones only because you want to notice all the nuances.

    Good luck in your wine ventures ~ cheers….

    “Still looking for the best Tempranillo under $16 even if it means a future plane ticket to Spain, although my next phase of tasting will be into the Argentinian Malbec’s”



    I second checking out West Seattle Cellars. Also, you can check out the Seattle Wine School http://www.seattlewineoutlet.com/wineschool/who_is_rk.htm I think this is the guy I took a few classes from years ago.



    Thank you so much!! So much great info…definitely going to check out both of the “tastings” and I really appreciate all these helpful links!




    Buddy ~

    Ask for Arnie Milan @ Esquin. He teaches beginning wine classes and classes on the various world regions and varietals. His prices are reasonable and of course, include tastings. I know you said no books but you should have Windows On the World by Kevin Zraly on hand.

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