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    If I wasn’t a lady I’d be swearing like a sailor right now. Clear s towers near my house are down yet AGAIN. I havnt had an internet connection since Thursday. I run an online business and they are sucking the life right out of it by forcing me repeatedly try and run it from my iPhone. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER get Clear wireless Internet services. You will be nothing but bitter, angry, frustrated and disappointed.

    And yes, I’ve been in continued contact with this horrible, awful, retched scam that does nothing but take your money and “apologize” that their towers are down over and over and over again.

    Did I say how much I HATE Clear wireless internet? Actually hate isn’t even a powerful enough word for what I feel for this scam of a company right now. I’d google another word by I’m trying to post from my iPhone!!!

    Anyone have any suggestions for a real Internet service provider? I can’t be locked into a contract right now because I don’t know exactly when I will be moving.



    not Clear.. that’s for sure

    but we caved and locked into contracts with comcast to get reliability



    Clear is our “backup” internet and it’s been okay but has gotten slower over the last two years and not worth the money. I’ll likely be cancelling it and moving to CLink once their fast connection reaches my ‘hood. We have Comcast Blast! for primary and it’s hot and stable but thank heaven I don’t have to rely on their customer service.

    I believe that Clink and Comcast will both do no-contract service if you ask. It will just cost more, a lot more maybe. Where are you moving? you can usually transfer either easily enough.

    You could also look at T-Mobile or Verizon for a mi-fi device, similar to Clear’s. Their speeds in West Seattle are generally good (I get LTE at my house on my Nexus 5 through T-Mobile) and probably more dependable than Clear. They would be highly mobile so no matter where you move you could still use them, unless you’re in the hinterlands.

    Good luck to you!



    Comcast doesn’t have contracts. Their advertised packages do, but it’s not necessary for just internet. I pay $72.95 for Blast! I have my own modem (now sold at Costco) and wireless router (very simple to set up) and haven’t had to call them with a problem since moving to this address over 2 years ago.


    Still no Internet. What a scam. Scam scam scan scam.



    complain loudly and regularly

    finally they will send someone out to check your service

    they want to know where the dead areas are so they can fix them in the next tower service area shuffle

    but if they verify lack of service, they will cancel your contract after they come.



    ONE word – Comcast! Sadly, the only REAL game in town, but if you need speed and reliability (at a price) then Comcast is the way to go.



    Ugh, ugh, ugh to comcast. I despise comcast. Though they consistently fail to provide consistent service, they have no problem cashing my check each month; consistently.



    I know that Comcast-bashing articles have been making the news lately, and rightly so for those outlandish incidents. On the other hand, I’ve had excellent service from them. I’ve been with Comcast for years and outages have been exceedingly rare (I’m near Alaska junction). I’m paying for one of their higher-speed internet services and it does deliver as promised. The one time I ever had deal with customer service the rep was friendly, very helpful and found a way to finagle a credit for something I wasn’t even going to ask money back on. Go figure.

    Your mileage might vary.



    Well, Rich.. Considering that I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours dealing with Comcast, the next time it happens, I’m sure I’ll think of your response. Pretty sure I know how I might be feeling at that moment, too. Good (I think) to know they are capable of providing adequate service. ;-)



    If you are a business, then I’d get Comcast Business. It costs more, but if get treated more human (honestly I haven’t had their consumer products in 15 years). It’s worth exploring.


    Out of the last 7 days, I had less than 36 hours of internet. I gave up on Monday and went and got Century Link and it was installed this evening. Thanks for the info fellow West Seattleites!



    I had Clear with very few issues at home switched to Comcast for the triple play bundle and now my internet is slower.

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