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    I don’t think the issue is that there are some paid and some free lots in the junction area. It’s about HOW the lots are being used as revenue generators.

    They have someone sitting on site, laying in wait for someone to make a mistake. If the issue was solely about ensuring that the lots are used only for access to certain businesses, the person on site could enforce that. As someone gets out of their car, they could remind them of what the lot’s intended purpose is… allowing those who were parking by mistake to head off elsewhere. But that’s not what is being done. The guy hides, watches each car closely, and pounces the moment someone seems to make a mistake, and tags them with an expensive parking fine.

    In other words, the parking enforcement is NOT about keeping the lot available, but only about revenue. If they could, they probably would tow to their own lot as fast as possible so they could make hundreds of $ off each honest mistake.

    I appreciate Bonnie’s warning. I now know that there is a predatory lot at the junction, where it is, and that it needs to be avoided. Lord knows that I occasionally miss signs and have been known to make mistakes. It’s only human.



    Complaining about free parking is largely a symptom of the american entitlement complex. Property owners can use their property as they see fit, just because your used to wall mart giving you a 12 city blocks to park for “free” doesn’t mean every other business has to as well. Americans are spoon fed to believe that the highly federally subsidized act of driving extends to the private sector, it doesn’t. Driving isn’t a right, the sooner people figure that out, the better off everyone will be. Please to be reading the book “the high cost of free parking” to avoid the cranial rectal inversion.




    what else must we read in your opinion to avoid cranial rectal inversion?

    in this case, it looks like the signs posted on parking lots wpuld do..

    especially any lot that has diamond posted on it.



    Annnnd Vincent wins! Thank you.

    I still maintain that West Seattle is part of the dreaded “big city,” though many seem to be in denial of that fact. If you want beautiful expanses of unmetered and unmonitored parking, I’m sure Kent, Federal Way, Everett, etc. would welcome you with open arms. And there’d be no greedy “snooty” restaurants like Fresh Bistro – just the friendly service of your neighborhood Applebee’s or Olive Garden. Gee, what a life you could lead!



    Huindekmi wins. THAT is the whole point.



    I’ve been following this thread all along, and had thought about weighing in, with the perspective of having worked for a parking company for 15 years. (No, not the evil “D” ;-) )

    But, just about everything I would have said, has already been pointed out. In a nutshell, I’d just say from the parking operator’s, and thus their employees’ point of view, the parking company is hired by the property owner, to monitor and enforce the parking, as per the property owner’s wishes. Not defending any outright predatory practices, just the fact that the parking company and it’s employees have a job to do.

    All that being said, SarahScoot’s post #54, reminds me of when the first paid parking came to West Seattle, at Jefferson Square (lower level), in late 1987. IIRC, it was totally free for the first few months J Square was opened.

    The company I worked for, had the parking contract at that time. I was working downtown, and knew the guy that was going to be the first to work there. This was back when I went to Poggie’s every Friday after work, and knowing this guy (Ballard resident) had his own haunt out that way, told him I’d be at Poggie’s if he wanted to stop by.

    He did, and the poor guy had been freezing all day! Don’t remember how cold it actually was, but at that time there was no cashier booth, and thus no heater, or anything to shield if it was breezy. That wasn’t his only complaint though. He had people bitching at him *all day* for having to pay for parking! I believe it was .25 for an hour, and maybe .50, .75, or 1.00 at most for all day. People just weren’t used to paying for parking, except for the city metered street spots.




    Umm, what is the point of enforcement if they r not enforcing anything? It is their only job to enforce the parking. Vincent wins.



    For once, I agree with Vincent. Parking isn’t free anywhere. Somebody pays for it, whether it’s the merchant, the customer, the the taxpayer, or some combination of the three. It costs money just to maintain a bare patch of concrete where you can park your vehicle. When you park your car, it is incumbent upon YOU to make sure you understand what the arrangement is.



    I parked in this lot Friday night since I was eating at the Rocksport. If this attendant is so on top of what parkers are doing, he should kindly remind people that take up TWO spaces to go repark their cars between the lines. There were three cars parked crooked that evening, wasting space (unless some Smart cars wanted to park there, no other cars could use those spots). THOSE are the cars that should be ticketed, for parking like morons. Make an effort people- I see wasted spaces all over our neighborhood. At QFC on Saturday morning, a blue Yukon SUV somehow managed to park in not one, but THREE spots. How can you be that oblivious?????????????



    When someone can’t park their SUV properly, I think the vehicle should be impounded until they pass a behind-the-wheel exam.



    I think people on here just like the hear the sound of their own voices. Logic is a difficult concept. I should start a new thread every day that I don’t get a hug at work.


    I just wanted to make a slight clarification about the Jefferson Square parking lot. As a business owner in Jefferson Square, I know the lot is definitely not a West Seattle favorite. I understand! However, it was mentioned that there is a 2 hour limit. It changed from 2 hours to 3 hours about 2 years ago. If you got a ticket for parking for less than 3 hours recently, I would try to fight it. Linda, you mentioned you were at my store-let me know if I can help you-I don’t want my customers to get a ticket. However, I believe the lot needs to be monitored. Otherwise, people park here for extended periods of time which makes the parking situation worse as there are less spaces available. Also, if the lot was not monitored, Jefferson Square businesses’ employees would park here which would again make fewer spaces available for patrons. I do think 3 hours should be enough time for people to do what they need to in Jefferson Square. There is a lot below if you need to be here longer and you can pay accordingly. Lastly, the lot is often virtually empty during the weekdays between 10-4.I have a good view of it out my window. If you can come here then, you should have a more pleasant parking experience.



    so Vincent…we should expect a new thread every day? ;-)



    Ah, do ya need a hug, Vincent? Big group hug for Vincent everyone. :)



    A little behind on this thread, but to clarify for any who keep up:

    Yes, this lot is a private lot owned by the company which owns the building from whom the Rocksport (among numerous other businesses) lease their space and parking spaces for their guests. Having private parking is one of the perks of being a tenant in this building, for obvious reasons.

    As buildings around here went up and new businesses opened who did not have parking for their customers, the businesses in our building began receiving complaints from their customers that they couldn’t find parking in our lot, and yet they’d walk in and see the cars in our lot did not equal the customers in the building. The landlord realized that the tenants can’t be expected to police the lot while trying to run a business, so they hired Diamond Parking to do so.

    The goal is for peoople who are not patronizing a business in the building be informed by the attendant that the lot is private & to move – what good does it do to the businesses if you get a ticket, but are still taking up space in our lot? We realize that’s not always the case, but are trying to continually work with what we have and the community.

    And whoever posted about just walking through the Rocksport to make it look like you’re a customer… they’re on to that and it hasn’t worked for others. You’ll be asked to provide a receipt proving you were there.

    However, if you were a customer of any of the businesses in the building and got a ticket, just turn it in to the business you were patronizing (with your receipt) and they will get it voided for you.



    I just got off the phone with Diamond about this lot. We parked there for ab. two minutes on Nov. 9, left the car to ask the Fresh bistro folks ab. parking, then returned to the car and moved to on-street parking. Today I received a Diamond citation, including a penalty fee for nonpayment, even though I wasn’t even in their lot long enough for a paper ticket to be placed on our windshield. Two frigging minutes!!! I just convinced Diamond to drop the charge (we’ll see if they actually do), but I would tell any business associated with Diamond that they are tainted by association with these kinds of business practices and I will strive not to do business with them.



    Diamond Parking is Scamming People! On December 9th, I parked in the lot next to Fresh Bistro. The sign was clearly marked “Parking for customers of …Seasons Hair Salon.” When I came back from getting my hair cut, a $43 ticket was placed on the windshield. I was parked for 30 minutes, went directly to Seasons and back to the car. No other errands. Clearly, Diamond made a mistake. But when I called the next day, at first they said parking after 5 is only for Rocksport. They recanted after I pointed out this isn’t on the sign. Then they implied I MUST have gone somewhere else. I didn’t. Then they asked if I had any witnesses. I do, my son who was with me. Then they implied he must have gone to a different store. He didn’t. Then they said it would take 10 days for the ticket to show up in their system and that I needed to call back in 10 days because they did not have a way to record the ticket otherwise. When I pointed out they should write down the ticket number and contact me when the ticket was voided, since it was their error, at first they refused. When I requested to speak to a manager, they refused. They finally recorded the ticket number and said they would email me once the ticket is voided. Based on their customer service and past performance, I don’t have much faith in their word. What makes me so angry is that I received the ticket in error in the first place and yet, they still want me to spend my time and money to correct it. If Diamond is going to be so aggressive in ticketing, they should do it right. When they make a mistake, they should correct it quickly at their expense. I wonder how many other people have paid this ticket out of frustration or mistaken information? In my opinion, Diamond is scamming people and should loose their business license!!!

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