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    I am looking for a housecleaning service that will deep clean my home to prepare it for being listed on the market/open houses, etc. I haven’t used a housecleaning service before, so I’d love some good (fair priced) recommendations. Thanks!



    I currently had

    Cecilia and partner come clean my (rent to own ) home before it when to market and they did a great job , very detailed and really affordable , she did my home fast and on my schedule

    Here’s her # 425 999 4554 ( she got openings now ) for new clients and (short notice ) calls

    Hopefully she work out for you .

    Good luck .



    Our own famous cat rescue person, known here as “hammerhead”, also runs what I understand to be an awesome cleaning service. Hammerhead, aka Pamela Brumell (spelling?) of Impeccable Cleaning 206-972-3557. Search the WSB for her name and you’ll come up with lots of great reviews.



    So Andrea206, if you do housecleaning, why did you hire Cecilia, or are you actually her partner?



    I was just in the sandwich shop on 35th across from the SW Library today. The owner’s daughter, Cynthia, was working and we got to chatting. She cleans houses and told me she’s looking for more work. I can’t vouch for her work, but based on my conversation with her, I’d hire her if I needed a cleaner. Very nice and easy to chat with. I know it isn’t a reference, but I got a good feeling from her.

    Here’s the info on her card if you want to give her a call:

    Luxury Housekeeping Services, Cynthia Cummings


    Licensed, Bonded, Insured

    She told me she does do one-time deep cleanings. Amount was under $150.



    Pamela, aka Hammerhead cleans my house on a twice monthly basis. She did a deep clean of my old house before we put it on the market and did an incredible job (as they always do). Here are the listing photos which show her work (house sold in three days in a poor market)



    I did , but I got into sale market and its too much work since I got back problems so not I’m not longer do housecleaning ,

    And Cecilia is the main person for the cleaning team and her daughter name is also Andrea they got great experience and its very affordable

    I pretty much pass them all my houses to them .

    Any other question miss

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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