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    In this weeks Thriftway flyer in the Seattle Times. Effective 4/29 – 5/5.


    Tillamook Butter – 2# for $3 KILLER DEAL! The only place it is cheaper is if you go to the Cash n Carry in SODO.


    A coupon good for 5# C&H sugar for $1.99


    Fresh Atlantic Salmon at $6.99 per pound.


    Personally I like the Atlantic because it seems to have a bit more oil and is more forgiving when baked in the oven.


    Put about 1/8″ of water in a baking pan, add your salmon and let bake for about 15 – 20 minutes (depending on thickness) at 350 degrees and dinner is ready!


    That technique courtesy of one of the Thriftway in-house chefs.



    That IS an amazing price for Tillamook butter. By the way, if you go to Thriftway between 11 am and 4 pm today, they are scheduled to have their first fundraising barbecue of the season – food sales proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer.



    Wow. I havent seen butter prices that low for years. I agree about the Atlantic salmon too. It is a bit more oily and stays moist under a light coating of butter and dill. Thanks for the info.



    If you care about the environment, please don’t buy Atlantic salmon. It’s all farm raised. Salmon farming puts a lot of pollution in a concentrated area and poses a threat of disease to wild stock. Atlantic salmon is artificially colored. Farm raised salmon don’t get the same natural color pink from their food as wild salmon, so they add artificial color to their feed. Commercial salmon fishing is important to our local economy, and commercial, sport, and tribal fishermen are working together with environmental groups to help save wild salmon as a sustainable resource for everybody. Help them out by buying only wild salmon!



    Right on KBear,

    I think of Atlantic salmon as being from New Jersey. They cut their teeth on New Jersey shores with needles and toxins or grew up in a toxic waste dump.

    And as far as they oiliness of them? Well, your flesh would be oily too if you grew up in toxic waste.



    “I think of Atlantic salmon as being from New Jersey. “

    Yeah, except they’ve been transplanted to fish farms here, and the waste is in our own waters.

    Try the different varieties of wild salmon. Maybe you’ll find one that better suits your taste.



    I was actually in Thriftway this morning and got a great deal on Organic Valley half gallons of milk – 2.99, which is a great deal. Also good deals on pet food. I was thinking it looked like there were some good sales happening… Tis the season for bargain hunting. :)

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