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    It is also not an off leash dog park. Today I counted four, including two large dogs perfectly capable of being dangerous.



    Oh, JKB…don’t you know those people are special? The laws don’t apply to them :-



    Just as the nice man with the enormous dog told me.

    In fact, he told me how the leash law doesn’t apply if the dog is under ‘verbal control’. Imagine my surprise when I went and looked it up, to discover that King County got it wrong. The county thinks verbal control affects the definition of ‘running at large’ only in areas without a leash law. Good thing he knows better.

    Then there’s the signs posting ‘no dogs on the ballfield’ and promising fines. I’m sure there’s a reason those don’t apply either.


    Hey I don’t want to start anything * and I will start a separate post* but perhaps if we had another dog park located close by?

    Not defending the off leash folks nor am I criticizing them I am simply asking, trying to resole a lot of issues for us dog folk and dreaming I guess!



    No question we need more dog parks, there are more dogs than children in the city of Seattle. I think a lot of the tension around all of the dog issues could be alleviated with a dog park in the north end of WS.



    Maybe we all agree with that…another dog park. But..one doesn’t exist, so one cannot just make up their own rules. Illegal is illegal….no one is more special than anyone else, dog owner or not, and making up new rules, as the man the OP encountered, isn’t how it works. Use a leash ! It’s that simple !



    Fairmount Park is also not an off-leash dog park! Every morning I see at least 2 or 3 people out there with their off-leash dogs. Now that the school is open, the kids are using that playfield as well as the kids soccer teams. Alas, the self-entitled dog owners don’t seem to recognize that kids should not be coming in contact with their dog’s poop/pee.



    I wish and hope that the folks who decided they needed to own pets that deserve/require open spaces to run off leash would stop arguing and just get busy solving the problem.

    It’s not going away unless you do.

    So, either get to work on getting signatures on a dog park initiative or shut the he!! up, please.

    Nobody forced you to get a pet that isn’t suited to the living situation we all share. Nobody said it was a good idea to NOT train your dog properly. If you want to live like a rural person – move east of Covington. Buy a llama and some goats for your Border Collie to herd. Knock yourself out.

    But don’t complain to me about the fact that there’s SO MANY DOG OWNERS in WS – they have to be accommodated. Why, exactly? You can’t be bothered with either obeying the law or going to the off leash park, so I’m supposed to not give a hoot simply because lots of folks do it?

    Nobody forced you to be a crappy, irresponsible pet purchaser/owner.

    So, who’s going to start a petition for another WS dog park? Or is that just too much trouble too? Jeebus. I’d sign it just to see if it ACTUALLY had a positive impact in reducing the off leash situation in general.

    I’m not even sure it would since I’m sure you’d get the “my dog doesn’t play well with others”, or “it’s always so crowded”…etc. But we gotta’ start somewhere.

    If one HAS been started, tell me where to find it and I’ll effing drive there with pen in hand.



    Oh, and if you actually get off your hineys and get something on the ballot, please make sure that the FUNDING of the purchase/maintenance of what is sure to be expensive land here in our desirable little burg, comes primarily, if not exclusively, from pet licensing or user fees or anything but from the folks who don’t have a figurative or literal dog in this fight. (I hear cake walks and bake sales do well!)

    No, pet ownership is NOT in the same category as education, utilities infrastructure or transportation – i.e. shared societal necessities. IT’S A PRIVILEGE with commensurate responsibilities.

    So, again, who’s stepping up to make it happen? Who’s gonna’ put their kibble where their mouth is? My pen is fired up and ready…


    Big Bling

    AND – the West Seattle High School back lot is not a dog park! I see people letting their dogs run free all day, every day. That is where the football team practices. Nice work people, have your kids doing practice on the ground where your dog is pooping and peeing. Ugh.



    Wakeflood…huzzah !



    Tell it, Wakeflood! You are absolutely right! Please choose pets that fit your lifestyle and living space, and if that means goldfish, so be it. Nothing wrong with goldfish.

    And FTR, Me Kwa Mooks isn’t a dog park either, despite the seven dogs racing around the picnic area without leashes there on Saturday evening (and the morning/evening off leash regulars).



    I posted that note, not as rhetorical question but in fact a legitimate one. Is ANYONE going to do the legwork to start a real initiative?

    I’m going to wait a few days to see if anyone cares to respond in this thread – and if not – I’ll post it under a unique one just to see if anyone wants to take up the challenge.



    wakeflood, amen!

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