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    I have a research paper I’m working on regarding the implementation of a hospice program inside Washington State Penitentiary (aka Walla Walla).

    I need people to fill out this questionnaire that I put together on your thoughts of hospice in a prison facility. It will take 2 or 3 minutes to fill out.. Please, please, please fill this out for me. It’s anonymous so I won’t know if you did or not.

    I’m not sure if the link will show up as a link, you may need to copy and past it in your address bar… thank you!!!



    #6 is a bit vague for me to answer completely. I think it depends on why they’re in there in the first place. Good luck on your research paper!



    blessedmama – Thank you so much for filling this out.

    I understand your concern on the question but the thing is, you can’t really choose who gets the care or who doesn’t. I watched a great documentary that led me to do this research paper for my class. It’s call “Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall” on HBO.

    Once I finished the documentary I was torn. I have known several people that have done time in prison. Most of these people are not bad people, they did some bad things. Some of these people, after leaving prison have become great members of our society, and some have not. But I just couldn’t help thinking about the really bad people in prison – you know the ones – cold blooded killers, child molesters, rapists. My initial thought was, let these people rot in their cell and die alone. But what about the ones that are not really bad people, the ones who made mistakes. What if my child did something stupid and ended up in jail for 5 years? What if he was in jail and was told he had cancer and had a year to live? Would I want his last days to be alone, in his cell? I then thought of the year that I took care of my mother in law until she passed in our home under hospice. I could not imagine a person dying alone without compassion or care or loved ones – no matter who they are. But then I think of someone like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

    There is so much to take into account when deciding personally if this is something you agree with.

    Again, thank you!!!



    SJoy, that was a thought-provoking survey. I really had to consider my responses. I’d be interested in knowing the final results.



    i am not going to look up the quote this morning.. but paraphrased… the measure of a people is how it treats it’s least members..

    we don’t treat our least very well and as a result they learn not to treat us very well either



    My thoughts came about this very subject after watching Orange Is The New Balck on Netflix. Older prison population…



    Yes, SJoy, good luck on your Paper, and thanks for sharing the survey. I took it last night, and agree with elikapeka.




    Thank you thank you!!! I will put up the results once it is complete!



    I also just finished OITNB season 2, there are a few episodes that would be valuable to your research in how they bring the issue of aging/dementia, cancer treatment, and what they called “compassionate release” which was portrayed as anything but. Good luck on your paper! It is a very thought provoking topic!!



    Thank you to those of you who filled out my survey. I will add results once I have compiled them.

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