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    “Health Care for All – Washington – Working for high quality affordable health care coverage for ALL Washington residents” is holding an “Action Team” meeting this Sunday 7/26 in West Seattle.

    The meeting will be held from 2PM to 4PM at the SW Branch of the Seattle Public Library, located at 9010 35th Avenue SW in West Seattle. All are invited. A group of interested folks from Vashon Island is also expected to attend.

    Health Care for All held a similar meeting in West Seattle back in May where they showed the documentary “Sick Around the World.”

    For more information on this Sunday’s 7/26 upcoming meeting, take a look at:

    Below is an “Action Team” meeting description quoted from their web site:

    ‘Action Teams’ advocating for a Single-Payer solution to our national health care crisis are currently organizing in the Puget Sound area. Six are currently in formation. Meetings begin with updates on state and national efforts to win “public ally-funded, privately delivered” health care coverage for all residents. An agenda of ‘tasks at hand’ is agreed upon, then participants break into discussion groups by legislative or Congressional districts to discuss appropriate local actions, a tentative timeline, and additional needed resources. We encourage you to join us, and bring a neighbor.



    thanks for posting this. i will try to come.

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