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    After reading all the posts for Century Link phone bills, I received my latest bill and yes it went up about $10.00. I also had the Non-published service which jumped from $.75 to $5.00. But did you all notice that there was an additional $3.83 charge just to increase the rate? !!! Quote: “Charge due to rate increase for Non-published service on $5.00 from May 1 to May 28.” Then of course I had tax increases on the new “service” too. :(

    After some talking to a CSR, I was able to get them to waive that charge. So now I am “published” as of the confirmation order received by email on Friday afternoon. I thought this meant being printed in a directory and that if someone was trying to find MY number they could do so. But starting today since 8 am, I have had 5 telemarketers call me. I have been on the National Do Not Call list, but it must have expired. So today I called that number and signed up again. I have a 31 day waiting period. I rarely had sales calls before.

    I was on the phone last Thursday with Century Link well over an hour since the first rep dropped the call and I had to start over again. But this time it was someone based in the US. They were much more helpful.



    mine always goes up, seems like there is almost always a mistake (on their part). Of course it isn’t refunded unless I complain. Seriously thinking about switching back to Comcast..

    UGH who is the lesser of the two evils? Can’t stand either of them.



    I guess complaining helped. Got notice yesterday that they’d “reconsidered” the increase to the non-published fee and are only bumping it to $2 instead of $5. Still outrageous but better.



    Haven’t had a land line since I lived in the dorm in college in the early 2000s. Never going back! It’s so much easier to have one phone number. Most cell providers are 100% covered around here. My mom really envies that I don’t need a landline here, she’s so rural there’s no cell service at her house and she has multi-day power outages each winter necessitating a real land line.



    I just noticed that my Century Link internet bill went up from my 12-month introductory rate of $35 to $53. Needless to say, I’m not pleased, but given that my Comcast bill for internet was about $70 (if I remember correctly), this seems “reasonable”. I still sent an email complaining about the increase because when you sign up for service, the only amount shown is the intro rate, with no info on what it will increase to when that period is over. I prefer Clink over Comcast (I never have to reset my router which I had to do at least once a month with Comcast) but this is still ridiculous for just internet service. I don’t need a land line phone and don’t own a television…so I know I’m their least favorite customer because of my low maintenance ways.



    2 days after school got out I called and cancelled my Century Link phone. They mentioned that I’ve been a good customer for 24 years and had the same number for 24 years. Yes, I understand. But they need to stop raising the rates! So we are now without a house phone. I had a little bit of withdrawal right after I did it because I have had that number so long….but I can transfer it to my cellphone if I wanted to.



    Well you know the sad thing about not having a land line is. When the power goes out cell towers ( those ugly things you see that are not natural ) in the affected areas go out… cell phones from that area are rerouted to a unaffected area along with those already there and going to be thus it gets over loaded and so on so on until it finds one may take hours if not days so it shuts down the digital age…. now yes you will say well if the power goes out you lose your land line yes if you have a cordless phone that has to charge if you have conventional phone you wont why runs on analog system has its own low voltage system in its wires that are on all them ugly poles that run everyplace except downtown and yes if they ever put then under ground West Seattle would be last…. yes rates have gone up am I a fan no no no… the rates are no worse then paying for tax hikes on city budgets hiring a campaign staffer and CEO pay raises aka city light….. the one thing home phones are they are cheaper then cell phones contracts and don’t get started on smart phones a huge wast of money……. sorry to say Bonnie I do think you lost that number for good…..

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