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    I have seen two Officers who are now “our” cops in the WS Junction. Tonight they made us feel safer by taking someone away from NW Art and Frame walkway. Feel much better about shopping in the Junction area.



    So are there going to be cops in the junction all the time now? Like the two cops that pretty much live on the corner of 3rd and Pine?

    I, for one, am happy. I’ve felt pretty safe my whole life until I was inappropriately touched (indecent liberties I believe is what the cop called it) on the bus from downtown to West Seattle Friday. The loser went running through the alley behind Shell once he got off the bus. I used to walk miss Emmy through that area all the time. I’m going to be nervous for a while now, but knowing there are cops very close helps.



    As police have explained it, there are two officers who will be patroling the area more frequently. They have taken great pains to say they are not walking-beat type officers … but they have a special emphasis to build a relationship with the businesses and residents in The Junction area. This was discussed at a Crime Prevention Council meeting that we covered several months back. (If there is only ONE meeting you can make each month, that’s the one – besides getting the news on crime trends, you also can bring up your issues of concern.)

    EmmyJane, sorry to hear what happened to you on the bus. Glad you reported it to police.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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