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    I was walking out of the YMCA with my two daughters and a man walked out with his son. He noticed my Griffey backpack that I was carrying and asked if I wanted his four tickets to the Mariner’s game tonight, if so I could have them. I asked in amazement “Are you serious!?” and yeah, he was, he handed me four tickets. I was just in shock. All I could say was thank you over and over again. I didn’t even catch his name. That was the kindest thing that a stranger has ever done for me. I can’t stop smiling. I am so excited to take my husband and my girls to the game tonight. That kind man could’ve sold the tickets on Craigslist or something and made his $160 back but instead he gave them to a complete stranger. Someone who wouldn’t really be able to afford to go to another game this year. So I am so incredibly grateful for you…you kind kind man. Thank you so very much.


    What a great experience. Thanks for sharing!


    Ms. Sparkles




    That’s fantastic!



    That is great!






    and to top it off….(we just got back) the seats were absolutely incredible. 3rd base line and 13 rows up, seriously the best seats I’ve ever sat in. Wow, we were blown away. So thank you so much for your kindness, I surely hope I run into you again at the Y so I can shake your hand and tell you that my family and I had such a wonderful time at the game and we are so incredibly grateful. I can’t thank you enough.



    That is so cool!



    That was so cool, blessedmama!

    Kinda re-affirms your name! ;-)

    I think it would be a cool gesture, and great way to thank this guy and his family, if you and your daughters drew up some kind of card, or something with your daughters’ own messages, that you could easily carry with you, and give to him, should you run into him again.

    Or, perhaps, if you could find out somehow who he is, and ask Y staff, to forward the card to him!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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