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    Just got home from the dogpark to see a German Shephard loose on the side of the street. I tried to call to him and he ended up up running across the street. I tried to catch up, but he took off towards the pea patch and there was no way I was going to catch him (or her). In case anyone is out there looking.



    I still haven’t received a LOST German Shepherd report, but another sighting just turned up on our Facebook page. Putting it here, and I’ll link this thread to the Pets page …

    “I just saw a black and tan German Shepherd in the Gatewood neighborhood. It was moving fast and clearly panicky, as it stopped frequently to look around before heading off again. It looks young. There is a collar or rope around its neck, but it wouldn’t let me get close enough to see. I followed it south on 40th Avenue SW and last saw it heading west on Frontenac. Hope it is reunited with its owner soon. “”



    Black & Tan GSD spotted and cauaght details are on craigslist here:



    SeattleAD –

    Maybe you could call the number on Craigslist and send them to the forum’s pet page? And send the CL link in an email to the for Pet Section?

    good eye! Hope it is a fit!



    Her posting has been sent in to WSB tonight. As follows:

    A young black and tan German Shepherd mix was found tonight (Sunday 6/19/11) on the beach just south of the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in West Seattle. She is approximately 40-45 lbs. She is not microchipped and had no identification. She is being fostered overnight by Sarah, who can be reached at 206.323.5556.

    This may be the same Shep that has been posted in recent weeks on WSB ( If so, there haven’t been any responses to those postings, nor any “Lost” postings for a dog matching this description. She has been posted tonight on CraigsList.

    [This young dog is current with a kind woman who is temporarily able to care for her. Folks in rescue are trying to find a place for her to stay on a longer-term basis if necessary, but foster homes and rescues in general are beyond-capacity. If you know of anyone who can help, please contact the number above or Carmel at 509.330.1136]



    Got my fingers crossed for them.



    Good news! This little sweetie was tracked down by her family quickly via Craigslist posting (thank you SeattleAD!)and is home tonight. Just confirmed with the gal who watched her overnight, who said she clearly recognized her family today and was happy to be with them again.

    (This is NOT the Shep that has been on a couple of postings since 5/31/11, so please keep posting if he/she is spotted again)

    Thanks to all for posting and sending good juju for this sweet girl!

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