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    Just my annual rant about door to door people! No soliciting means no soliciting. Whether you are selling me something or asking for money. Isn’t this method of business a bit outdated at this point????



    A guy from Greenpeace came to my door about a month ago. I kindly pointed to the ‘No Soliciting’ sign and asked him to leave. He protested, saying “Greenpeace isn’t soliciting!” I asked him again to leave the property and again he protested. I asked if I had to get the police involved. So basically, what happened was a man came to my door when I was home alone and refused to leave. That can be a scary situation. I called the local Greenpeace office the next day and made a complaint. I asked the female supervisor how she would feel if she were home alone and a man came to her door and ignored repeated requests to leave. She agreed, and said that she’d talk to her team. I would urge you to call and make a complaint to their local office.

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    Sounds like the definition of “solicit” has been lost and that needs to be part of the re-training. Don’t they realize they’re representing a whole organization?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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