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    I would like to give a gift to my letter carrier, and waste collection people.

    Last year, I left a bag of farm fresh apples for my letter carrier, but he only took one. I understand they are not supposed to accept gifts over $20, nor are to accept cash or cash equivalent (gift cards or gift certificates).

    What am I supposed to give? I don’t ‘know’ my carrier, but he does deliver door to door.

    I also would like to give my waste collection guys something, they always bring my cans back to the side of the garage, never asked them to do that.

    Not sure what their restrictions on gifts/tips are either.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



    This is from a few years ago, but I found this online at

    “Private companies may have their own rules. For example, Jerry Hardebeck, regional director of public-sector services for Waste Management, which provides garbage collection services in Seattle, said the company has a policy of allowing drivers to accept gratuities as long as they are not alcoholic beverages and not in exchange for taking extra trash.

    The U.S. Postal Service prohibits letter carriers from accepting alcohol, money or any gift costing over $20, and requires that cakes, cookies or other goodies be shared with co-workers, says spokesman Gerry McKiernan.”



    My husband is a driver for Waste and he receives cookies, a small bag of candy, once received a box of Russell Stover candy, water in the summer and really appreciates it.

    We actually leave water and/ or a can of Coke out for our driver every week and now our neighbor has started leaving fresh baked bread for them a couple times a year. Those guys appreciate it a lot! Thanks for thinking of them. Happy Holidays!



    How do you get your trash collecters to return your (amd your neighbors) cans to the proper place? You would think you were asking for the world. No gifts from me!!



    I just caught a bit of a report on TV News, of ideas of what to give Letter Carriers, etc, especially when they are not allowed to accept cash.

    One thing mentioned, was to leave a nice note for them, telling how much you appreciate their Service throughout the year.

    Not sure if this was mentioned, specifically, but I’d take it a step further, and send a message to their Employer. In my years of Service/Retail type jobs, my Bosses occasionally received letters of appreciation from my Customers.

    It not only was nice to get the recognition from a Supervisor, but for even maybe an even higher-up or two to see it as well. Most importantly, for me anyway, was the time and thought that the Customer put into it. Almost better in some ways, than those Holiday Gifts (when, where allowed), of cash, candy, and booze(!). I still have at least one of those letters stashed away somewhere, and it’s from over 14 years ago.

    The only thing I’d caution, is to be careful what you give Kudos for.

    You don’t want to mention the time that your Letter Carrier helped you carry that Grand Piano up three flights of stairs in your Home. The Bosses might not like that there was potential for injury, liability, and all. ;-)




    Where do you leave the things for the waste disposal guys? On top of the can? Mine seem pretty nice and I’ve thought about leaving them a treat but I’m sure someone would steal it if I left it on top of the can or one of the bins.



    Thanks for the link Sue- guess that quashed my thought of getting a nice bottle of beer for the young man that picks up my trash. :)

    GoGo- I have no idea, perhaps they were entertained by me running to take the cans out whilst still wearing my flannel pajamas once?

    Mike- yes, a nice note can do wonders. Some of my clients would bring in notes for me, and I loved them.

    I’m with Pangolin…I don’t want to leave things on top of the can…I’ve seen some sketchy people wandering the alley, they might snag the gifts before the intended recipient gets there. :/



    Gogo I’m with you. I’d like to get 3 bushes for Christmas from the recycle guy that killed them by dumping the empty cart on top of them all summer. Nothing but a stick and a leaf left of the last one that I finally pulled up. Or an explanation from my mail carrier why my packages have electronic status that delivery notices were left on my door for pickup at the post office, no actual slips left, and packages nowhere to be found by anyone in the post office and a carrier that ignores phone calls from his manager. Call me a grinch but I do expect that the services I pay for to not destroy and lose my belongings. I can’t give generous holiday tips for that. Now my amazing hair dresser? She’s going to be getting a package of bath bombs from Lush because she always goes above and beyond.



    I’m with trickycoolj and Gogo. My carrier is the worst of any so far..ever. I have done everything to get him to leave mail with only my last name…he leaves the mail of at least 5 different names consistently! So annoying, I have to write “not at this address” on a bunch of mail and have to drop it off! I don’t want to toss it because these people are getting things from banks, school loans and insurance etc. I get it’s their responsibility to change their address, but still, I’d feel bad.

    I had a pissy moment (after 1.5 yrs!), after I wrote the “not at this address” on a bunch and instead of dropping them in a pick up box, I wadded them and shoved them down the little slot of our townhouse’s outgoing box. Felt good at the time..but not the smartest thing to do because now he’s even worse. I can’t have anything delivered USPS or they vanish…4 packages to date and I get duplicate junk mail a couple of times a week stuffed in my tiny box. So lame.

    The garbage pick ups seem to be hit or miss. Sometimes they will put back where I left them and other times just where and how they feel like leaving it. My recycle has actually been left a few times.

    I feel like a chump sometimes…thinking I PAY for this treatment?! So yeah…neither are on the top of my gift list either.

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