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    As I think beachdrivegirl and JenV are out of town for the Easter weekend, Lowanbeach maybe I can explain about the Monday meet up…the meeting at the BPP is to be a sort of brainstorming session, or a ‘meeting of the minds’ if you will, of a few of us WSB forum members who thought to meet to determine how best we as a community can help Mr. Dein get himself and his business back up on their feet. Anyone who would like to participate and join in is welcome…its informal and come as you are at 7pm…

    As for having a ‘benefit’ type of event at the BPP, I made a phone call to them this afternoon and left a message asking if they would be interested in holding another benefit, a la last weekend’s awesome “Handbag’s For Hunger” event that JoB, JanS, Charlabob, and The Velvet Bulldog facilitated…once I hear back from the BPP or I am able to make contact with them (or if anyone on here knows the management/owners and can let them know we are interested in contacting them…!), we forum members can let the WSB community in on what, if anything, we have been able to set up there or elsewhere (we are still in the planning stages!!). I think our Monday meet up should greatly help all of the unknown get ironed out.

    Thanks everyone for pitching in and offering your help, services, auction items, etc…I know Mr. Dein will be as awed as I am by all of your generosity. See some (?) of you Monday if you’re interested!



    GenHill brought this up on the main page — so I’ll ask here and volunteer (not a haiku but close). If anyone has contact info for the landlord, I’ll see what, if anything, the apartment tenants and other folks need. I’ll try to do it before the Monday night meeting and let you-all know, since I can’t be there. If someone else is already on top of this, which I suspect, apologies — this has moved so quickly that I may have missed it.



    I think I read that WSB was in contact with one of the other tenants and that they had smoke and water damage. We should include them in the fundraiser. Just thinking here – did we hear that PBB can host this meeting? Looks like there are quite a few folks coming. Should we look into a larger space that wouldn’t impact their Monday night business so much – don’t actually know if it would. Does MoCA have a space where we could meet – or one of the neighborhood churhes.



    MoCA usually meets at The Kenney, they have several community rooms. Call them at 937-2800, I’m not sure of the name of the coordinator these days. You could also use a room at the High Point Library, but they ususally close at 8:00. I can’t be there Monday, but I’m sure some one from MoCA’s board will be there. Cindi


    Re: “I think I read that WSB was in contact with one of the other tenants and that they had smoke and water damage. We should include them in the fundraiser.”

    Hi Kathy, I’m the owner of West Seattle Digital next door and I want to thank you for the kind thoughts in including me in the community donations. However, the damage to my store was minor and I would rather see all donations directed toward helping Mike get back on his feet. But, if anyone needs the products or services we provide, I’d welcome the business. We offer High Definition TV programming from Dish Network, Clearwire High Speed Internet, and XM Satellite Radio.



    WSD, that’s very generous. Yet more evidence of the awesome WS community. (Do you know anything about the apartment tenants?)

    You’ve reminded me that I might need you and not even know it. I do have an unactivated XM radio lying about somewhere, waiting for someone to tell me why I want to set it up again. :-)



    I need to rekey my (new) house, so as soon as Mike gets back up and running I’m going to order a stack of deadbolts from him. Plus I’m down for a donation to prime the pump and get him back on his feet. Do unto others West Seattle, nice.



    i don’t know if i will be there monday or not.. i am not bouncing back as quickly as i would like… if i’m not, let me know what i can do.

    also.. probably goes without saying.. but BPP is a business… support your local business by buying a drink while you are there:)



    Mike rescued me by coming downtown to open my work van after I locked my keys in the back. His prices are good and he gave me a coupon for a free key to hide on the van so I would not be stranded again. Good service deserves our support.



    I’m not going to be able to make it tonight for the planning but I had another thought after the fact. Has anyone considered setting up a paypal donation for the Wells Fargo account? It’s very easy to do and would enable online donations without a trip to the bank.

    Great job WSB readers!



    Who IS going to be there tonight? I want to know who to look for – also I want to be sure this is indeed on so I can mention it on the home page this morning along with a renewed plug for donations (and if the PayPal thing happens I can add that too) – after a few hours go by I’m also going to check in with police regarding whether there’s been any progress in the investigation, so that will all be tied into one post. — TR



    I will be there. My picture is posted under the “revealing page”. thx



    I’ll be there. I can’t show you what I look like on the computer, but I’ll be by BDG.



    I will be there too. I’ll bring a WSB Fundraiser sign to put at the table.



    PayPal – a great idea. We’ll need account holder information – like SSN, email address, etc. Maybe we can get that worked out tonight.



    I should be there tonight…I have to work later than I thought, so I may be late…see you then! (this is at BPP, right?)



    I will be there, and I think my folks may stop by as well (Mike is a friend, and I’ve observed how devoted he’s been to building his business over the past several years, and how proud he is of the accomplishment).



    I’m new here, but I’m interested in helping out and will be there tonight as well.



    Ya!! That’s great, alkiguy! Welcome and we will see you tonight!



    I will be there representing MOCA – Is it 7pm?

    Steve S.



    Yes 7pm @ BPP



    i am on my way there.



    I’m not going to make it tonight. Gonna have to head to bed momentarily instead. Sorry folks. Next time for sure. I promise.




    The West Seattle Blog Forum members are at it again and Mike from PS Key and Lock tells me that he is overwhelmed with the response from the community.

    he was there tonight to let us know what was happening and what we could actually do to help besides donate to the bank account that has been set up in his business’s name at Wells Fargo..

    As he explained it, his space was 2X4 construction and dry wall over old-fashioned plaster… that made his business a little “easy bake” oven… but confined the fire mainly to his unit.

    Unfortunately, it also made the fire pretty hot and besides burning anything combustible, basically fused anything metal.

    The landlord will reconstruct the walls of his space… and will make it possible for them to remain in the space… but he will need to build cabinets and counters and get new key machines… as they were basically fused in the fire.

    Thanks to this forum, we already have offers to help with his construction.. and tonight we got contacts through the Morgan Community Association to request donations of building material… once we know what will be needed.

    There is a possibility that the Association of Locksmiths of America will be able to help them with new machines…

    What they need most is cash to cover all the incidentals involved in running a business.

    Several of our forum members have donated items for a raffle.. with more already promised by local business owners…

    So.. we will be holding a raffle.

    We would also like to hold a social event in conjunction with the raffle and will be looking for a space that is available mid April.

    Many of you wanted to know what we need.

    We need a local non-profit that is willing to partner with us and the Morgan Community Association to put on this benefit… So if you know a group that might be willing to work with us on this event to avoid tax issues… please have them contact us… it’s a good local cause.

    We need more items for the raffle.. so if you have ideas there… or know someone who might donate.. please contact us.

    We have the beginnings of a great committee.. but we could use your help. We had great input tonight from everyone who attended… and we can always use more.

    We are having another planning meeting on Saturday at 10 AM at Uptown Espresso…

    Members of the committee will be at work this week and we will start off the meeting with a report on their work.

    Hopefully, we will have both a time and space for the event. If our first choice works out.. we will have an activity… if not that will probably still be open.

    There is still plenty of time to join this committee… whether you can attend the meeting on saturday or not…

    This committee will be doing a lot of it’s planning and business by email… so let me know if you want to be added to that list… I will be glad to pass the info along to our communications person..

    we will be asking for real contact information from anyone who joins the committee to keep this project from being hijacked by the unscrupulous.

    I will be the contact person since my email is already out there.. so email me at joanne (at)

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