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    Missing Pet Partnership was called in to help with a cat that got loose on one of Alaska’s flights.

    Read Kat’s blog for a great, play by play of how the cat was found and returned home. Like Kat states, ‘big thank you to Alaska and their employees!’



    I just have to chime in here – I refuse to fly Alaska Airlines after being personally involved after the crash of flight 261. The way they treated the families who lost loved ones in this crash was terrible. And, adding salt to the wounds of many was that even after loosing this plane due to improper jack screw maintenance – they were fined years later for the same problem. What a slap in the face to read about it in the Seattle Times – as if the people I lost did not matter enough to Alaska Airlines to get it right going forward.



    I have to agree with WWMom about Alaska Airlines. I’ve also sworn off flying with them for the very same reason. I knew and loved several of the children who were killed on that crash ( I was one of their teachers at the times) and because of the shock of the accident, I have researched the details of the cause of that crash more than I care to say. Alaska Airline did not take precautions to protect their passengers but instead skimped, cutting corners to save money by not replacing their defective jack screws and in the end all the passengers and crew on board died. And yes the same defective jack screw was found again years later as they still hadn’t changed their protocol to replace parts in a preventative fashion. They should be closed down for that in my opinion. I’m all for finding cats and helping one’s community, and I’m sure the staff are lovely people but the business itself has ethical problems and I will never fly Alaska for that reason. I’m sorry I guess the Alaska Air touched a nerve with some of us who are still healing and will never get over our loss and more maddening the fact that the loss was preventable.



    My family was treated horribly by AA, which is the reason I can’t stand them. I hadn’t ever heard about this crash and now have even more reason to despise them. How awful :(



    Sorry to those grieving the loss of loved ones from flight 261.

    I will say though that I’m a long time loyal Alaska customer and have had many great flights with them.

    I choose Alaska Air whenever possible and their frequent flyer program is consistently rated as one of the best.



    I keep the maintenance of my car such that it doesn’t break down. Alaska seems to have issues with the same, to the degree that lives have been ruined if not all out destroyed. Fortunately, have *always* been able to find another airline (except to Juneau, so … no Juneau for me), and I’d pay more to not fly Alaska, but so far that’s not been an issue either.



    I’m not exactly sure I’d be touting this story as a rave review for the pet service either…after an exhaustive search in several locations, the cat was found by an employee in an area already covered by the dogs? Bottom line, I’m thrilled he was found – he must have been terrified. And yeah, AA should have been helpful if “No baggage employee came forward to say they witnessed Wenty’s escape. His owner simply went to claim Wenty and was given a carrier that was closed yet empty.”



    I too want to express my sorrow for those who lost families and friends on Alaska Airlines flight 261

    i understand why personal experience would cause you to choose another carrier..

    but, in all conscience, I have to state that Alaska Airlines is not the only airline to have been found to skimp on maintenance…

    they all use pretty much the same cost cutting measures that were found at Alaska…

    it isn’t the screw that is expensive..

    but the mechanics that must continually give the entire plane a meticulous going over

    and still might miss the failure of something as small as a screw.

    i too maintain my car…

    but i also pay my AAA bill faithfully because it is always possible something will be missed by my mechanic …

    maybe because it simply has not yet failed.

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