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    lol @ Jeannie…hehehehe



    Fellow The Fall fans (no spoilers please, I haven’t yet watched the last episode of season 2) – any idea what kind of handbag DSI Stella Gibson is carrying? It’s driving me up the wall and searching on the internet has not turned up anything (other than others trying to figure out the same thing).



    the movie i was thinking of was 9 1/2 weeks

    at least that movie didn’t have a romantic fairy tale ending..



    I had a bad night last night.. i couldn’t sleep following a facebook conversation with a group of 30 something women about 50 shades of grey…

    they were so defensive about what they considered the prudishness of anyone they thought was speaking out against sexual practices that they literally could not hear concern about romanticizing controlling behavior.

    as someone who grew to adulthood when the type of controlling behavior detailed in this book and i assume in the movie was an accepted part of courtship and marriage… and is still far more common than any of us want to admit..

    it frightens me to see it so easily romanticized and dismissed.

    i suspect i will have more than a few restless nights over this one.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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