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    (are recommendations outside of West Seattle ok?)

    5th anniversary is quickly approaching. husband has mentioned desire for a router to work on home projects. I don’t know the difference in types of routers, but he’s mentioned using it for trim work, chamfers, I think, things like that.

    here is a description from wikipedia:

    The spindle router is positioned at the finer end of the scale of work done by a moulding spindle. That is to say it is able to cut grooves, edge moulding, and chamfer or radius the edge of a piece of wood. It is also possible to use it for cutting some joints.

    does anyone know of a router that sounds like it would fit that description that they are really happy with, and would recommend? (brand, model #, if it would be easy to find at McLendon’s or Lowe’s ) thanks ! I am not good at picking out tools and want to surprise without fishing for info.

    or any other ideas for a good “wood” gift if the router doesn’t work out?



    Another idea would be to get him a gift certificate from Cross Cut Hardwoods. My dad loved this place. They deal with all types of wood many exotic. They are just off of First Ave S (south from Spokane) near Daniel Smith Art Store. If you need more information I beleive that they have a web site. They might be able to give you more information on the router that you are asking about. One year for Christmas I went into them and told them I had about 25.00 to spend and I wanted to get some wood for some misc. projects and they just let me roam around the store and I could pick up pieces of wood and they would cut pieces for me. I put them all in a bag with the gift certificate and he loved it.




    Bosch, DeWalt and Porter-Cable are all good brands. Try contacting a sales person at Rockler Woodworking 3823 Stone Way North, Seattle – (206) 634-3222 for help with your questions.

    Happy 5th!



    thanks for the ideas and recommendations !!



    Woodcraft, on Corson and Michigan in Georgetown, is a great shop. Here’s their router page:



    You can get a picture put onto a wood photo album (years ago I got one at Things Remembered). I had it done in Spokane so I’m not sure who does it around here. On lighter wood I’ve seen it almost look like its burned into the wood, and on darker wood it looked more like an engraving.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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