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    Buy a rake.



    Thanks, JKB. Couldn’t agree more. More often than not, raking is both faster and more efficient than blowing – but without the air and noise pollution.






    I hear the businesses/Element 42/Safeway leaf blower at work most evenings after 9pm…what a disruption to an evening…and it just blows them around as they blow back..and more leaves fall…companies getting rich on something that doesn’t do the job…



    Raking or using a broom is indeed actually easier than blowing leaves most times. I have a blower, but only use it for that purpose once or twice a year. My blower is actually most useful when I reverse the attachments so it can suck up and shred leaves before bagging them.

    As for using a leaf blower after 9 p.m., I’d be pissed also. I would first complain to a senior Safeway manager, and if that didn’t resolve the problem I would file noise complaints with the police and city. I’d also get your neighbors to complain so they don’t just think they are disturbing a single “crank.” Good luck in resolving that, Jan. I hope your issue gets resolved.



    Company that “cleans” parking lot plaza and sidewalks around the entire block at Jefferson Square: one worker runs the blower at night 9pm or later blowing debris off the sidewalk and into the street where cars are parked while the other drives beside them with a street sweeper trying there best to sweep and vacuum up the debris. It’s easy to see how much progress is made just check the empty parking spots on 41st and 42nd or along the gutter always a full of debris.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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