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    Watch out for this guy and don’t open your door. 3 hours ago a rude and insistent young man was knocking on doors in Arbor Hts/Arroyos area (from our blockwatch feedback) trying to get entry to homes. Wish I would have called 911 at the time. This guy needs to be stopped by police.



    I would still call the police. That is scary. I am sorry. How could any Seattle PI sales person be legit anyway? They no longer have print newspaper.



    And this person actually said he was selling the Seattle P-I? Really? It’s been almost two years since they quit publishing offline. If anyone on your block watch wants to share more details, they can e-mail us and I’d be happy to put a door-to-door alert on the home page in case this person appears somewhere else in WS …



    This sounds like the same guy who came to my front door in Arbor Hts Thursday night around 7:30. I could have sworn he was trying to sell The Seattle Times to me. Anyway, I blew him off and told him I was busy and he got very angry and stormed off. Didn’t really think much of it till I saw this entry.



    Sorry, I meant Times…he’s been throughout our neighborhood, with latest blockwatch posting 5:30 this evening. Latest poster said the guy had something around his neck, but apparently no one has both opened the door and asked for ID. It’s the manner (loud pounding on the door, insistence and anger) that don’t feel safe.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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