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    To our community,
    This is intended as a public and wholly unsolicited thank you to Craig & Mike Emmick at Emmick family funeral services. These men are compassionate, kind and and were extremely fair.

    When we unexpectedly lost a member of our family in the middle of the night, with one call and based upon 5 star Yelp reviews, we contacted the Emmicks (it was 3am…). They responded immediately, despite the early hour, came to our home and helped us through our very difficult time, taking care of everything, while keeping us gently informed.

    Throughout the next few weeks, the Emmick’s supported us, educated us and assisted with every step.

    When we received their invoice, we looked at each other and thought how incredibly fair Mike and Craig had been. In an industry generally known for aggressive sales when people are at their weakest emotional moments, the Emmick’s were exceptions to the rule and exceptionally kind.

    If you suffer the loss of a family member or need advice about funeral services, please call the Emmick’s. They’re local to our West Seattle community, they will soften the blow, and share factual information, while being very fair in all of their dealings.

    Apologies if this post feels in any way commercial, which was not our intent. Just a public thank you to some local guys who helped us through a tough time.




    good to know
    i wouldn’t know who to call



    Agree with this 100%. Lost a family member recently and our family wasn’t really sure what to do at first since this was a new experience for all of us…. The Emmick’s were extremely helpful and were available pretty much anytime we needed to reach out and ask questions. It was nice working with a local family during an emotional time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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