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    When is it time to for a presidential candidate to quit? In this case, the two obvious possibilities are Hill and Huck, but I really just want to talk about Hill. Hill is losing in Wisconsin (I can’t wait to hear theories “old folks” won’t go out in the cold—pundits, ya’ gotta love ’em.)

    What makes people stay in (or leave)? Why did John Edwards quit early (why OH why OH why????) Does it hurt the Democratic chances for the fight to continue? If you’re a Barack supporter, would you vote for Hillary? If you’re a Hillary supporter, would you vote for Barack?

    This is all just too interesting and, finally, are the Dems actually going to manage (again) to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

    Inquiring minds … who are about to go home and dive into a bowl of chocolates before they read further, want to know.

    c – the whimsical half of charlabob



    As we are sworn to editorial impartiality on the site, we can only say, of course we’ll vote for whomever our preferred party nominates even if it’s not our preferred candidate. As to ‘why stay in’ – I think this year more than ever, neither party really has a killer candidate, and didn’t even have one in the top four or five. (I’m sure some will disagree …) If you’re the also-ran, you might be thinking, what if something scandalous is uncovered about the other person … and I’ve already dropped out … then what? As long as they have the money and the wherewithal to hang in for a while, is there really any harm done? After all … it’s only February … the election is still nine looooooooong months away.



    Well, I had my chocolate (good idea JoB and others) — and I watched an hour and a half of election coverage and, without the comment from Lowmanbeach, I’d just be ready to pack it in (and wonder what we’re going to do for the next four or five months until we vote again).

    Does “the media” actually have the power to convince us that it’s over and the Hillary supporters should just turn off the lights and go home?

    Remember, this same “media madness” told us, six months ago, that a Clinton-Guiliani general election race was an inevitability. Rudy? Has anyone seen Rudy???

    Maybe I’ll stick around for a while — just in case.


    “from ink-stained to chocolate-stained, but still a wretch”



    It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

    — Yogi Berra

    Calls for various people to drop out have been made continuously during this primary campaign. I have seen them all as premature. The recent speeches by both Obama and Hillary indicate that John Edwards staying in as long as he could, did move these two centrist to start criticizing the current trade policies. In Hillary’s case she is actually criticizing some of the centerpieces of Bills presidency. (NAFTA and China MFN fast-track)

    I believe this makes Edwards the winner in one respect, of the WI primary.

    “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

    — Harry S Truman



    I have no chocolate, but am chuckling at the Washington primary results anyway…. haven’t seen the others yet.

    not quite the same as the caucus where Obama supporters really wouldn’t let Clinton supporters get much of a word in:)

    I think this is going to be an interesting convention:)



    The caucus I participated in was the opposite of your experience JoB. Clinton supporters had the floor at least 60% of the time if not more. The outcome was still 5-2 for Obama. I was very impressed with the discussion and with the respect shown to everyone’s opinions.



    I just checked the dems web page… current counts for Obama and Clinton:

    Obama: 1,188 del pledged/162.5 super del pledged/ 1350.5 total/ 51%

    Clinton: 1,029 del pledged/240 super del pledged/ 1269 total/48%

    The other 1% are pledged Edwards… who hasn’t supported either candidate yet.

    since neither candidate is close to the 2,000+ needed and they are running very close in percentage… with states Hillary is likely to do well in still to tally…

    why should anyone fold now?

    This rush to make one of the candidates fold (generally voiced by Obama supporters) smacks of the same kind of bullying that the attempt to make the democratic party tie it’s super delegates to the primary vote in their state reeks of.

    As does the attempt to make the two states who primaried out of turn count… which by the way would narrow that Obama lead considerably.

    This is a campaign.. this is what they do. Let’s see how it plays out instead of insisting that a strong campaign will kill Democratic chances for the presidency.

    Every time i hear another republican pundit talk about what civilized debates we would have if Obama won the nomination… and how there would be such a clear choice for America.. with no baggage… it makes my skin crawl.

    For the rest of America, no matter how the Obama campaign paints it… it isn’t about which democrat would be better… it’s about the war and the economy… and either democratic candidate would be a clear choice on those issues.

    It’s time Democrats showed their trust in their own system and took control of their own conversation… no matter which candidate wins the nomination.

    Whew! I think i just surpassed the Charla half of Charlabob in being opinionated. Sorry charla.. i am leaving a clear trail of chocolate and have no doubt you will not only find me but leave me standing in used wrappers:)

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