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    I bought a new TV and indoor antenna prior to 2/17, and my reception is worse than with my old analog TV. I still receive channels 5 and 9 on the analog, but nothing clearly on the new one, and I am wondering if other non-cable users in the Alki neighborhood have this problem also. I had a clear picture on channels 4 and 5 for a brief time, but these have since degraded into either “no signal” or heavy snow. Is this what we can expect after local channels start broadcasting in digital format? Is this primarily a problem of location, or does it have to do with the nature of digital signals covering less territory than analog signals, or what?



    It has to do with the new signals being at a much higher frequency and Alki being behind so many hills. The only signals you’ll get much traction with are from the stations with towers on Queen Anne and the Tacoma stations.


    Not all stations have made the switch to DTV as of yet. You may want to look at those channels website and confirm they are transmitting in digital as well.

    I’m sure they have placed repeater towers to ensure folks can receive the broadcast. Thats what all the last 3 years of surveys produced from what I heard anyways, good luck..



    All Seattle TV stations are currently transmitting a DTV signal along with their analog signal, except for 33, 45 & 56 (DTV 42) which transmit from Tiger Mountain near Issaquah. Those three stations signed off their analog transmissions early and are only transmitting digitally. There are no digital repeaters in the greater Puget Sound area. There are some analog translators in Everett, Bremerton, 1 at Three Tree Point in Burien and possibly one in Olympia. Those are currently analog and will remain analog for the time being, even after the June analog shutoff. They will be fed a digital signal and transmit an analog signal.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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