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    A student at Highland Park Elementary brought weed to school and passed out to students on campus. One student ate it!!! No letter or phone calls were sent home to the parents until 2 days later!! I am very disturbed and fed up in the lack of leadership and responsibility of this principal at Highland Park Elementary!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING NOT TO TELL US UNTIL 2 DAYS LATER!! I want to hear your response – This information needs to go to all the schools, parents and public and to the media!!!



    First I’ve heard. Odd that no one would have forwarded this letter to us, as we invariably get forwards of letters home that seem newsworthy, from principal appointments to muggings … I won’t be able to reach school district officials before Monday so in the meantime can you please forward the letter to us? editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks – Tracy

    P.S. Is the student who you say ate it OK, do you know? I checked the 911 log to see if there had been any calls to HPES on that date and am not finding anything.



    and, Mr. Parks, have the police become involved in this? If an elementary school child has access enough to bring it to school, I would think the police would be interested in talking with the parents of said child. While an adult can have pot legally, not cool letting a child have that much access.



    I’m curious how notifying parents earlier would accomplish anything different? The students involved had their parents contacted and the situation was dealt with. Isn’t that what you expect the staff to do? What would have been different if they had notified people earlier or right away?



    I also appreciated the clarification that it was a candy bar with pot in it as opposed to “weed”, in a baggie, for instance.And good on the students for letting staff know.



    Mr. Parks, did you ask the principal these questions directly?



    LStephens…whether he did or didn’t, it’s been handled..and explained…story on main page, including explanation, and letter from the principal

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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