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    I agree that Pamela aka hammerhead should move the geese. And anyone who has a problem should sit in the park and scream at everyone with their dogs unleashed. Even though they have lived there for years, and I heard they had a nest with eggs…they should be moved for their own safety.



    I changed my opinion about their relocation as I became aware of dogs off-leash every time I take my dogs to Lincoln Park now. Not sure if this is tourists or increasing density in the area, but doesn’t matter. An ongoing threat to the geese.



    Good Luck Hammerhead and thank you for doing this. I will also miss the geese but hope they have a more peaceful retirement up North.



    Best of luck, Hammerhead, and a heartfelt thank you for taking this on!! Those birds have brought me a lot of joy over the years. They deserve to be safe, away from idiots with off-leash dogs. I’ll miss them.



    My (partially) evil mind wants to make a tasteful but obvious sign to post down by the swings where our feathered friends were usually hanging out:

    “In case you were wondering, the geese have been permanently relocated to a safe place, free of the molestations they have received from (illegal) off-leash dogs in recent months.”

    Just a thought…

    I’d be tempted to add the Animal Control phone number at the bottom, too.



    I went early to LP yesterday and only saw one white Goose :( Hopefully all is well and soon they BOTH can be moved. I saw a lady holding her LEASED dog 2 feet away from the goose smiling as the dog threatened the one goose by the fountain. I yelled hey ! and she stated walking swiftly away… BIZARRE !



    I think the sign idea is a great one, HH. They will never get a clue otherwise. MM, I saw someone else do the same thing with a large puppy. The owners must be so clueless not to recognize the inherent cruelty of prey/predator proximity. Thanks, Hammerhead!



    I’ll be sad not to see the geese, but not as sad as I would have been had we lost them to a dog attack. Thank you to HH for taking action.

    This does not solve the general problem, though; there are still seal pups, and less-charismatic park inhabitants, still facing constant threat.

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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