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    Has anybody eaten at Little Prague recently? It’s so tucked away I barely ever notice it, and never when it’s dinner time.

    From what I’ve found on the web their weekends appear to be taken up with their pastry stall at the farmer markets, but I don’t know anyone who’s had a meal there.

    I was raised with a fair amount of Polish food, there’s a wonderful Hungarian restaurant up in Lynnwood (Budapest Bistro), just curious if I can get my central European food fix close to home.



    WHAT!?!?! There is a Hungarian restaurant?

    As far as little Prague, I have only had their pastries.



    I believe her name is Marie and she used to share the space with a Hawaiian caterer. She would offer a kind of high tea at the space. Marie would be an excellent candidate for a profile piece here.



    I live in the neighborhood and had noticed that The Little Prague Bakery was opening up a while ago….and I waited and waited and waited. It never opened! I saw the owner at the West Seattle Farmer’s Market one day and asked her when her shop was going to open. Sadly, she said that it was not going to open. That it is more of a storefront/commercial kitchen space for her to make her wares for the two Farmer’s Market’s she’s involved in. She said, “maybe…someday” they would open to the public. Sad, I know! This was a while back, so maybe things have changed?



    Oh boy have I eaten there—the BEST soup I ever had in my life-Saurkraut soup-LOVE IT. I had a business accross the street several years ago (5yrs) and would eat there 2 or 3x a week. And the Saurkraut and pork—oh the delight.

    Last I spoke to her I think she said she was doing soup on Wednesdays???? but that was over a year ago.



    What?! There’s Czech food in Seattle?! How in the Google was I unaware of this?!

    My grandparents were from the old country and raised me to always think of myself as Czech, regardless of what my Dad’s family may say, so I did.

    I assure you my wife and I will be there very, very soon! I am now drooling all over myself reading the menu.

    West Seattle rules!



    I’ve calmed down and now realize I was barking up the wrong website. Dangit!



    Finally went down to Little Prague yesterday and fell in love. Terrific Kolache which reminded me of home, not to mention the perfectly delightful Strudel. Oh my!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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