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    It’s Tuesday afternoon at 6:00 pm. My tiny garbage can has been sitting out on the curb empty for just over 24 hours. During that span three dog owners thought my open can was theirs to use and deposited their dog waste in it. It isn’t. Should I have brought my can in earlier? Yes, probably, but I was deathly ill over the weekend and going outside to pull the can in was more than I could handle. I don’t have a dog. I don’t like your sanctimonious attitude regarding your dog. You bought the dog. You carry little plastic bags to pick up your dog’s waste. It’s your responsibility to bring it home with you, or at least to a PUBLIC trash receptacle. Garbage rates are high in this city. This is why I have a tiny trash can. Sometimes all my HUMAN garbage from a week doesn’t fit. I certainly don’t want your dog waste in my can. Your little bags are out on the curb ready for you to pick up tomorrow.


    Ugh! What is wrong with people?!


    T Rex

    I have never understood why people would do this? If you don’t like carrying the poop in the plastic bag, then buy a kid’s plastic sand bucket or something similar to put the bag in till you get home. Put your crap in your own trash!!!



    I don’t mind if someone utilizes my trash can. I’m happy they picked up after their animal. I also don’t have a problem utilizing other people’s trashcans or recycling bins if I’m out and about and need to toss something and they’re already out at the curb. :)



    Thank you for backing me up on this WS 1979 and T Rex. Ed, you should ask first. My trashcan is my private property. I pay to have it emptied. Of my garbage. Sitting out does not make it a community trash can. If moving it 6 feet to under my stairs keeps you out of it, you should keep out of it no matter where it is.



    if the trashcan has been moved into a public space (e.g. curb) I consider it fair game. And I don’t have any moral qualms about it either. Honestly I find it rather strange to even worry about it. When I find discarded trash in front of my house or neighbors I pick it up and put it in my bins. Its more annoying when people just leave it on the ground…



    People get mad about some strange things. Why they come on here to rant I will never know, but this topic certainly gets people excited in these forums. If you get this annoyed with these types of first world problems, might I suggest you vent here for the greater good:



    Preach it, EdSane + NorthbyNorthWest ! Could not agree more with your attitudes.



    For the record… I do not use other people’s trash cans to dispose of anything but am OK with others using my can at home to drop an occasional bagged dog waste, if they need it. I too am happy that they are picking up after their pets.

    That being said, perhaps a sign on garbage bins stating something like, “not for animal or human waste disposal” might work.



    Valvashon makes it clear “why” it bothers them. People get charged extra for overflowing trash. People get charged for lids that aren’t put on properly. So, it makes sense to not want people to open their garbage cans and dispose of their own waste.



    I’m not really bothered by people throwing their trash into my garbage bin if it’s at the curb. It’s a little annoying because we bag our garbage, so there are occasional random bits that can fall out when the bin is picked up by the garbage truck, but that’s not a big deal. I’d rather they put it in my bin than throw it on the ground.

    However, I really dislike people putting their dog poop in my just-emptied bin. Unless I fish the gross little bags out myself (ick), they will sit there on the bottom, and then get squished under the big bag of new garbage weighing on top of them. I really don’t want stinky dog poop sitting there for a week lining the bottom of my garbage bin.

    I know, it’s a tiny little thing in a world of truly awful big problems. But it just seems thoughtless.



    I too think this is kind of a weird reaction, but the part that I really squinted at was..

    Your little bags are out on the curb ready for you to pick up tomorrow.

    Presumably this is the curb by your trash can. Which, presumably, is YOUR curb… so you just left bags of poop on your own curb.

    I guess you, uh… showed them! Sure. Lets go with that.



    Is being upset about dog poop being put into one’s garbage can idiosyncratic? Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t. But the bottom line is some people don’t want it, for reasons you may or may not agree with. However, it is their garbage can, not yours, and they are the ones paying for the service.

    Given that, as mentioned, this is not the first time this topic has come up here, I am inclined to use another word that is sometimes included in rants: entitled attitude. I think when this and previous posts inform people that this practice is not appreciated by some yet some people continue to do it then it is entitlement. You have your own garbage can at your own home, use it.

    Do I know that it can be inconvenient to carry those bags of poop home? As a matter of fact I do. I have 3 dogs, two medium sized ones and one large one. And for some reason the large one nearly always poops just a block into our walk, so I have to carry that bag for the entire walk. The other two also have to go along the walk, and for some reason one of them nearly always goes twice. All this despite them having frequent access to our own fenced yard. Anyhow, as a result I have 3-4 bags of poop generated during each walk. The bags go into my pockets. It’s all part of the responsibility of urban pet ownership. You don’t have to agree with your neighbors, you might even think it is ridiculous. Doesn’t matter, it’s their garbage can, not yours, and you cannot say you are unaware of this.



    Im pretty sure this same rant was created by the same OP last year…or was it the year before. It went on for pages and pages and pages and pages…

    If this is the biggest issue that you have to rant about then I want to congratulate you on a stress free life, Val! What’s your secret? Can you help me with a willful and arrogant teenager? Can I put said teen in your trash can, perhaps temporarily?



    Some people need a fking hobby. If this is one of the top things ruining your life right now then you are a miserable, lonely person. You should probably adopt a dog, pets help boost mood motivate people. Those criminals how dare they!! Don’t they realize we pay for their pets insurance? Oh wait….we don’t. I hope next time someone leaves a good foot moisturizer for some crusty feet in need of one.



    Val, I agree with you. I used to keep a separate can for dog poo, then bag it all and put it in the regular trash at the last moment. The stink really sticks to those plastic cans. This is no different than someone dumping diapers in your trash, or using your yard waste or recycling for their personal use instead of their own. I pay the bill; if I want to pay yours, I’ll let you know.



    May seem like a little thing, but it’s those little things that accumulate to drive us crazy on top of all the other daily stresses. I’m not a fan for all the reasons PatWS and anonyme stated. Also for the fact that it’s literally SH*T. It’s nasty. The wind storm knocked my bins over, the lids blew open so they filled with water. I had to dump them out and replace the garbage bags – if I would have encountered a floating bag of dog feces…gag. Maybe some people are cool with it. Bravo to them. Yes, I’m glad they picked it up off the ground so I don’t step on it but if it belongs to your dog, it belongs to you – don’t bring it into my life in any way, shape or form.



    So this idea occurred to me the other day.. What if there were a sticker that could be placed on cans where poo is accepted. Folks that don’t mind having poo left in their garbage could identify their receptacles.

    Would you use it? Do they exist? I don’t know the answers, just throwing the idea out there. :)



    I don’t want stinky doggie s–t in my trash can, nor would I want dirty diapers dumped there.
    Even encased in plastic bags, they can be quite smelly and gross. I’ve seen some people tie the poop bags around the dog’s collar, and I doubt the dog minds. I love dogs, but, let’s face it, their doody doesn’t smell like flowers.



    Great question, Franci. Yes, those stickers do exist! There are a few kind folks in my neighborhood with those stickers on their cans. I wish I knew where they found them.

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