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    I am looking for a non-lawyer type service to help fill out paperwork and child support calculator.

    Is there someone in W.Seattle? Burien?

    trying to do this without lawyers.



    I don’t know the best way to post a link, but you can Google search for “King County Bar Association Neighborhood Legal Clinics” and call to schedule a 30 minute free appointment with a family law attorney. You need to call 206- 267-7070 to schedule an appointment, the phone line is open Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00am- 12:00 pm. Ask for the Southwest Clinic.

    The Southwest General and Family Law Clinic is held at the SW Community Center on Thistle every Thursday evening from 7-9 pm. The attorney can get you started with the right forms and help you out with questions along the way as long as you keep moving your matter forward. They will not “take your case” or represent you, but can provide legal guidance as you work through it on your own.

    If uncontested, another option for help is the King County Family Law Facilitator Program, in the Downtown Seattle Superior Court and the Regional Justice Center in Kent.

    Many of the forms can be found at WashingtonLawHelp.org.

    Good luck.



    if uncontested, a paralegal is all you need. altho i don’t know of any in w seattle, i did find this online: http://www.manta.com/c/mmn1zpf/west-seattle-administrative



    Paralegals can only assist with completing paperwork pursuant to the Legal Technician Rule: http://www.wsba.org/News-and-Events/News/Supreme-Court-Adopts-Limited-License-Legal-Technician-Rule



    Get a lawyer.



    I’m with kootchman … my day job is as a legal assistant. If there were no children involved it would be one thing, but it would be very easy to overlook something that might come back to bite you in the butt later in terms of child support, custody, rights. Better to protect all parties with no nasty surprises. Check out http://www.kcba.org/pbs/legalhelp.aspx to see if free or low-cost legal assistance may be available to you. And best of luck.


    Anybody have experience with Goldberg/Jones?



    Avoid Goldberg Jones.

    If you’re looking for one person to do an uncontested divorce, go to Carol Bailey http://www.integrativefamilylaw.com . If you need independent representation, contact Debbie Bianco deb@debbiancolaw.com or (425) 747-4500.


    Why avoid




    Todd: I know you and will track you down to give you specifics.

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