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    Going through e-mail – realized I hadn’t posted this. Chinook Book is a discount-coupon book but with a “green” bent. This was e-mailed to me by a West Seattle CoolMom leader:


    The 2009 Chinook Books are out! CoolMom is using the Entertainment- style coupon book as a fundraiser. The book supports local, sustainable businesses with over 300 coupons in Puget Sound for travel, dining, garden, health and grocery. It is a great local resource and directory. It also got me to try products and stores I wouldn’t have otherwise (with great success I may add)!

    You can start using coupons right away. The book pays for itself super quickly with two trips to PCC or Whole Foods – some of my favorites are the 2 for 1 Amtrak Cascade coupon (which I still

    haven’t used but want to!) and all the various consignment store and product discounts. Ok, and the 2 for 1 Cupcake Royale isn’t bad either :)

    Check it out online!

    Cost for the book is the same as at retailers: $20 (cash or check made payable to CoolMom). But if you buy it from a CoolMom, Chinook Book gives us $10 from each book sold – totally awesome fundraising potential.

    Call or e-mail Laura Elfline, co-pilot for WSea’s Chapter, at 206.715.0893 or to arrange getting your

    copy or swing by CoolMom WS’s monthly meeting (next one Nov 5 @ C&P Coffee Company) to pick up your copy(ies).




    I got this a few years ago, bought it at a soccer fundraiser- it is well worth it. thanks for the heads up, lowmanbeach.



    hey all, just purchased my Chinook Book – and there are a lot of coupons I might not use b/c I don’t have kids or venture out of WS that often. :) Check back here, I will put notices up for free coupons. They are all good until November 2009. There are coupons for Spud organic delivery and New Roots ORganics…and for whoever it was making the local foods basket- there is a 15% off coupon for Made In Washington Stores that has your name on it. Contact me here if you’re interested.

    There’s even a coupon for free composted manure. Definitely something I would have no use for!

    I will post a list of coupons myself or my family/friends wont use and you can contact me thru the blog.



    Yes! The Chinook Book is a great value, and I just signed up for their newsletter at sustainable ballard. Its only once a month and it also has printable coupons! You can sign up at

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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