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    Luigi (#46) you misconstrued CJ’s (#43) post. He’s not talking about your Big Al’s get together. He’s talking about the forum.

    I empathize with the House Renter. It was a serious post. I wouldn’t want some stupid jokes taking away from the business at hand: renting out a house. Totally ruined it. TR was right to pull it.

    And I didn’t know New Resident was banned. I thought I saw a reply from her recently?



    Oops – had forumblogoff on the brain. Duly noted, Bikefor1. I get it now.




    let us know when you are going to be here in june… there has been some back channel chatter about putting together a BBQ in one of the parks that includes a cottage cheese pot luck buffet and maybe a taste off…


    our last get-together was in the upstairs room at Big Al’s because they offered us space.. but it was kid and dog friendly… and the pot luck was really great.

    Big Al’s has a great upstairs space and their beer smells yummy…


    i think a get together is a great idea.. and i like the idea of an after-tax party.. but would like to see a little food mixed in with the booze..

    please let us all know when/where…



    re: the renter thread…

    i am surprised that no-one has mentioned the post “outing” the poster as a real estate agent and making accusations about the right of the OP to post their rental. That post was a full frontal attack violating most of the guidelines for the forum.

    The posting for the rental was ultimately cleared and yet the poster who posted a personal tirade against the renter did not lose their privileges at the time.

    doesn’t that make you wonder what those who actually lose their privileges must have done?

    I think there must be much that i didn’t see.



    First of all, I totally support TR in this matter. I appreciate what they’ve set up here and have no idea what they’ve had to put up with behind the scenes to make it all a successful business that people want to be a part of.

    Second, I’ve been following the forums for a long time and I think there’s a lot of history, back-story and sensitivity that newer posters may not be aware of. So by all means, engage, participate, discuss, revel, rhetorically bounce around the blog like Tigger, whatever. But know that there is a lot of water under this particular bridge and don’t assume you know what’s informing everyone’s decisions and actions.

    Third, there is some sensitivity here about exclusivity of events because of long past issues. There are also those of us who would like to keep their personal email addresses separate from their blog socializing and thus perhaps, some of the concern over evite.

    That said, I’m okay, you’re okay. Bring on the party!!



    LL – rather than an evite, it would be appropriate to ask TR to make the posting announcing event details as ‘sticky’ on the forum. That way it stays on the top of the forum page and everyone is invited. (I hope I described that correctly!)



    Okay so the evite was a bad idea. Actually, based on some of the replies the whole thing is a bad idea.

    I have buddies I can go drink with, just thought it might be a good idea to work some of this bs out in person.




    the idea is a good one.

    if you want a sticky for the event, linking it to a fundraiser helps.

    i, for one, would be very interested in meeting you.



    JoB, I don’t think anyone, besides TR, knows the entire facts behind past threads that were closed or deleted. I also don’t feel that it is appropriate to discuss individuals who are being prevented from defending themselves.




    i didn’t discuss individuals.

    i did comment about a topic that was used as an example by someone else in this discussion to illustrate heavy handed behavior by the moderators.

    i used a post from that topic as an example that counters the indignation voiced in this topic.

    The topic was closed, the posts deleted and i didn’t identify the poster who was not blocked for their comments.

    i don’t know that the individual who made the post is now blocked from posting, but if you are certain that is true, i will take your word for it. I do know that they continued to post negative comments about the moderators decisions long after that post.

    all i did is point out that in the renter topic that was used to illustrate the heavy handed censorship that is the OPs contention…there was also evidence of a great deal of leeway by the moderators in interpreting the guidelines.

    I am giving the moderators the benefit of doubt, not accusing anyone of anything.

    you on the other hand are pretty quick with personal accusations.



    I am sorry, JoB, I just read to much into your posts. I felt that if a post was deleted there was a reason and there was no reason to bring it up again, which you did.JoB I made no personal accusations so please do not insinuate that I did.



    this is an interesting discussion…innuendos /cat fights/snide and snarky responses aside. I have refrained from responding to this particular thread, because it’s just interesting to read what others have to say. We ARE mostly adults here, I believe, and we should be able to have a conversation without personal animosities in it. You all know what you’re doing/saying when you do/say it. It makes things VERY unpleasant for those who would rather it just be dropped.

    No names…look inward…perfection is illusive, at best. So evaluate yourself before you start evaluating other people.

    Hmmm…maybe there should be a thread entitled “Cat fight”…let it be personal, let it all hang out, say what you really want to say about how you feel regarding others in the forum,no holds barred….. and then erase it forever after 12 hours. Sounds childish, I know, but hey, maybe it’d clear the air. Be as bitchy as you want…and then walk away from it forever. Be the child that you want to be, ’cause it ain’t attractive, for sure.

    Going back into my hole now :)



    It’s an interesting idea, JanS, but I’ve seen that tried on other forums and it tended to make things worse. People tend to remember stuff like that even after it’s gone, and arguably to remember it as being worse than it actually was.

    What I’ve seen here so far has been pretty mild, though admittedly I’m not on the forum much. Anyone else remember Usenet from the 1990s? OY.



    Hi my name is Patrick and I’m a recovering Usenet abuser.






    My name is Jiggers and I don’t sugarcoat my thoughts. I also don’t care of what other people think of me as well.:)



    Jiggers, you dont care what people think of you? I’m shocked!



    THeHouseI just read your avatar and i LOOVE IT! Too funny!!



    Patrick, for the love of GOD / Jesus / Buddha / Mohammed / J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, delete my account before I do any more damage! I sent y’all an email and I know how fast you respond when someone comes whining to you with “I don’t like what [postername] said in [threadname], please help!”.

    My OCD is barely manageable as it is without hitting F5 on this f**king keyboard all day long! I’m already dangerously close to not using asterisks when typing curse words and I know you don’t want me to say those bad words here in your sanitized and orderly home! This is YOUR house, I’m super drunk and have a handful of rocks. I may start getting into this vicoden as well and things will get super weird then because I will feel less pain than usual. I’m not a small man – 6’3″ 300lbs. with a size 15 shoe – so that china cabinet, that lamp, those vases over there, and especially that glass top table, are all fair game.

    Perhaps you should setup a means for people to delete their own accounts, assuming there are other hyperactive gigantoids with OCD and a passion for liquor and prescription pain killers.

    Maybe you should even implement a test that

    people have to take BEFORE they create their accounts. Something that asks simple questions like, “do you have a passion for liquor and prescription pain killers in tandem?”, or “click the left mouse button 15 times in this area” where you could time how long it took to do the 15 clicks (super fast means OCD) or just validate whether all 15 were done at all. Perhaps submitting a picture of oneself in coveralls or overalls prior to activation of an account would be prudent.

    I’m not jiggers; I can’t just drop a one-liner and leave it at that, I don’t surf, and I’ve never been to Tahiti. I like jiggers – don’t get me wrong – but I just can’t be that succinct. I’m like JoB in that regard – “if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.”

    Perhaps by now you’re enjoying this unsanctioned and rule-breaking rant and are going to let me suffer with an active account, a lust for senseless arguments, and an undying need to trivialize serious conversations of opinion. If that’s the case, then delete my “buh bye” post and I’ll keep rabble rousing and brushing up against people in a sometimes uncomfortable manner.

    I’ll accept full responsibility for invoking the wrath of old ladies that will be following me around with pitchforks and torches in West Seattle.



    LL – I’m enjoying watching you suffer too, as your comic relief here is refreshing.

    If nothing else at least stay longer so we can witness the old ladies chasing you around town with torches and forks.

    WRT to Patrick, I think he’s really busy cause I’ve been waiting a few days for him to get back to me on something.



    Okay – I shot out a couple emails to my Republican friends and a couple folks from the psychiatric eval unit where I……nevermind.

    Fidel Castro indeed.



    LL, I’m giving you a virtual hug. Your posts get me laughing, and these days, I need it more than ever! Please don’t go!



    what I don’t understand is…if you no longer want to be associated with this blog, this forum…you’re an adult…at least we assume that you’re an adult…and police yourself, and go find that XTREME forum that you so long to be in. Set up your own forum where YOU make the rules. How dare you chastize the owners of this forum/blog…how dare you assume that you can call the shots, and anything goes here. I find your humor refreshing at times, and at other times overbearing. And…for the damned record…I’m one of those “little old ladies” that you referred to..why don’t you simply insult everyone on here that doesn’t kiss your ass at every turn…

    so there…Tracy and Patrick, I apologize, but it’s getting to the point wheresometimes we just have to say what we feel..

    crawling back into my hole now :)




    Xtreme Forum sounds like a good business idea

    Either that or something like the extreme karaoke bars that dot suburban Vancouver.




    should i consider that an insult or admiration for my tenacity?

    no need to answer.. i find the mystery entertaining.

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