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    I never knew that a dead cow would be considered news worthy. Although a cow does serve its purpose well by providing us with much nourishment.


    It’s not everyday that a cow washes up on our local beaches.




    First time I’ve heard of one.



    Posted in story comments but here’s the link for King County re: disposal of large animal carcasses – please don’t put it back in the water!



    Gotta agree with Tewl that the Lunar New Year comments were a little ignorant/insensitive. WSB, if you were mentioning it for potential context, you probably should have included other potential explanations. It didn’t take long for people to come up with the real reason. You probably should have waited a bit for the real answer.



    Nothing racist, ignorant, insensitive, bladdadadda about WSB’s comment/post. Spend a childhood in New Orleans and you’ll have a firm grip on what racism is. … In the meantime, I’m waiting for word on my Zippy’s dinner.



    Ditto singular name!!! Our amazing editor is anything but racist or insensitive!!!!try tireless, professional to the inth degree, brilliant … I could go on but I really don’t need tto the readership Wsb has and all of it’s awards tell the story much better than I can!!



    the editor DID give an explanation, bigmark…you simply didn’t read it. There was even a link on the main page to the picture from White Center and the chicken that prompted the remark. Please take your argument doesn’t hold water here. Thanks! :)



    Hey JanS, perhaps you should re-read my post. You will see that I said “WSB, if you were mentioning it for potential context…” which was a direct reference to WSB’s comment “I mentioned it here for potential context, not out of assumption.” So, sorry to say, but I simply DID read it. Perhaps you didn’t.

    You’re certainly free to disagree with me, and I did not mean to suggest that WSB is racist. I’ve been coming here for years and love it as a resource. The comment just struck me as, perhaps, culturally insensitive. WSB is usually so good at getting to the right answer quickly, and the right answer turned up pretty quickly on its own, so I was a bit taken aback. That’s all. Thanks! :)

Viewing 10 posts - 26 through 35 (of 35 total)
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