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    We have a male Dogo Argentino named Diego (on the streets he goes by Deezy Fo’ Neezy or Deezy for short) who is about 18 months old. Now that we are going back to work in-person and our kids are heading back to school we would like to find someone to get him out and stretch his legs during the day. These will not be quick walks. Diego has ambitions of local travel and likes to walk at least 3 miles.

    Diego is well trained and minds commands on the leash but he is a big dog and strong. You will need to be comfortable handling a 120+ pound dog if he needs to be held accountable during a “Heel!” or “Sit and Stay!” situation. We do not use treats or abuse to control Diego, only voice commands and you need to be of a like mind.

    We have not had any aggression issues with Diego. He is a big headed lover who has been well socialized with other dogs and kids of all ages. That said he is highly interested in keeping cats and birds out of his “Fenced Perimeter” and has been known to murder flies if they buzz his tower unannounced.

    If you are interested please contact us. Diego is very dear to us so be prepared for a joint walk (or two) and multiple meets to ensure you’re a good fit.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Alex, Jamie and Diego.



    Hi, I googled Diego’s breed because I’ve never heard of it and YES indeed he is a BIG dog.
    I’m just newly retired (hallelujah!) and would like to get into a walking regiment and what better way than to walk with a dog.
    I’m assuming this would be a daily 1-2 plus times per day walk and what are you going to compensate the walker?



    Hi there, I would love to talk more with you about this— do you have contact info?



    Hi NemoMango and weseattle! Sorry I didn’t receive notifications of any responses. Must have gone to my junk folder. Checked back in and realized you both posted.

    If you would like to chat more about this please email us at Then we can exchange personal information and see who is a good fit! We sort of assumed there was a way to DM on the site… Our bad for not leaving a method to contact us.

    Anyone else reading this who is interested can also email us there directly.

    Thank you.

    Alex, Jamie and Diego

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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