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    Hello…I am calling out for IMMEDIATE HELP for a homeless West Seattle/Burien couple. They were forced from their Burien Apt over 2 1/2 years ago over a rental increase they could not afford. They are on a limited income of $2000 per month and want to remain in this community. I have observed them in my neighborhood living in their car over the last year+ and they are stable.

    Debbie went to the hospital on Saturday having a stroke and is now paralyzed and blinded. I need help finding a home that she can live in. Their car is no longer acceptable or feasible. I learned they had recently left my neighborhood after being assaulted where they were parking on Beach Dr.

    Please help me figure out a solution so that this man can take care of his wife when she is released from the hospital. They are very neat and sweet humans that need our help. There is no signs of drug addiction here. They have suffered living in their car for 2+ years. Please help me find a way to pool ideas and resources to help them have a chance at a better existance.

    I am looking for housing opportunities that will accept their 2 cats. Additionally I think they will need someplace wheelchair accessible. They have a monthly income and can afford some rent, but not likely a huge deposit. I am willing to help advocate, contribute, and create a workable solution to get them into a home quickly.

    Please email me at with any realistic options you think could help Jim and Debbie. They are 56 and 58. They are really are in a bad spot and need support right now.

    If you have any questions, options, or solutions please email or call me at 206-380-1568.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

    Heather Jones

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