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    I just received a cuckoo clock handed down from my grandparents. It needs a little repair including a few parts. I think it’s a true German cuckoo clock. Is there anyone you can recommend?



    You might not like this recommendation because its a distance, but I would suggest no one but House of Clocks in Lynnwood. Hands down the best. They used to have a shop at Southcenter but now that it is closed I would go to Lynnwood. Heck, I would go farther for their work if I had to.



    I have several thoughts that might help.

    1. Ask at Menashe and Sons Jewelers

    They have a watch repair person although I

    don’t know if they do clocks. I’m sure they

    would have suggestions.

    2. There is a good watch and clock repair shop in

    Lake City.

    3. North Seattle CC used to have a horology

    department. They might have referrals.



    I would try Russell Jewelery in the Junction. Ron and Patty are the owners and will tell you if they can fix it or they know someone who can fix it. I took a really old watch to them after my Dad died some years ago and they were able to contract with someone to have it fixed. My Dad was going to have this done for me for Christmas but the person who he knew who could do this was on vacation and then my Dad got to sick to be able to get it done. So now I have a reminder of him.



    Hey –

    Well, I’m going to second House of Clocks. I actually had a German cuckoo clock for many years; and House of Clocks was the only truly knowledgeable shop I found, except for a shop in Leavenworth. But I was pretty fussy. I am of German descent also. I enjoyed it for many years until I did not want to pay for a repair. I sold it two years ago on Craigslist to a clock hobbyist (?). Sometimes I miss the unnecessarily loud cuckoo and the background noise of the tick-tick tick-tick. Enjoy your cuckoo!



    Thanks for the recommendations. (Original poster is my husband, who hasn’t gotten back here yet to read replies, so I wanted to acknowledge them.) We used to live right near House of Clocks and it was the first place we thought of, so glad to hear good recommendations for it. He took it there this weekend and in about 2 weeks we should have it back.



    Just a note the only shop with a Master Jeweler and Master Watchmaker in West Seattle are Western Jewelry and Coin Exchange at California and Alaska in the Junction. They don’t do clocks anymore but suggest Ballard Time. The watch maker is very good with antique watch as with Rolex watches. The have a very large collection of used timepieces. They also do everything on premise, so you can tak to the person doing the work. I think they have been there forever. Hope this helps…

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