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    Why is there a Christmas tree in the park by the junction? I don’t want to be one of those people that complains about early Christmas every year… but seriously it’s not even halfway through October. Why?



    The tree itself is there year-round.
    Is it decorated/lit? (I can’t go look right now, unfortunately, and can’t quite tell from the 42nd/Alaska webcam.)
    In past years the lights have been put on/tested before the weather got really bad. The 12/1 lighting event isn’t really THAT far away.



    Shopped at QFC about an hour ago, and walked across the street just to see the beautiful lights. All the trees were lit w/white lights, and the big conifer(?) that becomes our Christmas tree had colored lights. It gets so dark so early now, and even earlier next month, that lights really make the dark months much cheerier.
    When I lived in Alaska in the ’90’s, the mayor of Anchorage-if I remember correctly-started a tradition of putting up white lights in fall and winter to brighten things up during the almost 19 hours of darkness. I was glad to see that had spread to Seattle, too.

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    perhaps we should leave the lights up year round…..



    I love people sometimes. I have seen complaints on here about the sounds of windchimes or a water feature in someone’s yard, the scent of dryer sheets, and now, colored lights on a tree. Good grief, people; this sweet, whimsical nonsense HAS TO STOP! I cannot tolerate melodic sounds or sparkly lights one more second! :D

    Sigh, just kidding. Have a wonderful Friday, all!



    It’s always see see lights or special decorations on my way home from work.i can’t stop to smell the roses in traffic although I sure can find a smile to see twinkley lights or something that makes my commute a little less mundane.



    It’s definitely not a Christmas tree. Those have presents underneath them. This is a disappointment tree.



    It was a lovely Christmas with all the lovely Christmas music and food.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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