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    One of the cherry blossom trees in our yard has a branch or two that aren’t blooming at all, and worried there’s something wrong (disease, rot?). Does anyone know someone in town that can come look at the tree and diagnose anything that might be wrong with it, and then help treat it? Not looking for a tree hacker, but someone who takes the care of the tree seriously




    Costanza, it is not at all unusual for cherry trees (either fruiting or ornamental) to have a few dead branches. I wouldn’t read too much into it, nor is it likely that your tree needs professional help – at least not at this stage. If you notice a significant amount of dieback, or if an entire limb is affected, then you might need to consult an arborist. In the meantime, you probably just need to prune off the dead branches, which is true for all trees.



    Call us if you like, egreen landscaping @ 206-763-7625. We are located in W. Seattle on Delridge Way Sw, and have an ISA certified arborist who can come out and look at your cherry tree. It probably just needs a bit of pruning, but some are

    fairly susceptible to disease so it won’t hurt to have it checked out.




    Thanks for the suggestions. I had an arborist come over and check out my tree. He said it looks like a truck or something backed into it :( Nothing that is going to kill the tree, but the half of it facing the street just won’t bloom, so he suggested sawing off a big limb or two if I wanted.

    Also, he mentioned that some carpenter ants had built a couple of nests in some of the decay in the trees, which is completely normal apparently and won’t hurt the trees. My question is, how worried should I be about said carpenter ants making their way to my home? The trees aren’t against the house, they are in the grass between the sidewalk and the streets. Just wary of them being in the vicinity

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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