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    Hey y’all. Been a while and thought I’d see how everyone’s doing with all the craziness of the bridge closure, Covid, crazy house price increases, politics, etc. I pop in every week or so and I’m really surprised how quiet the politics section has been with such a massive and super polarizing election coming up.

    I hope all of you are staying safe and relatively sane, but not “too” sane as what’s WS without a little kookiness right? ;)

    If you’re bored and missing live music, Austin City Limits is broadcasting live events (and previously recorded live events) for free online so take a break, enjoy some tunes from Austin to you.



    Bridge craziness is only getting worse because the leading bet is that they won’t repair the bridge. They want to build a new one but surprise surprise they don’t actually have the money lined up. The 1st S bridge has bearing issues. The fix will close 2 southbound lanes for 2 weeks solid. Should do wonders for people comeing back to WS.The question will be how many people move. I’ve had some dark thoughts and admit to looking in other parts of town but haveing lived here all my life-dad was born here in 1917 grandpa came here in 1890 i’ll just suffer in silence, backed up in traffic. As far as politics there isn’t much need to talk as i think we’re all set on who and what we’ll mark our ballots. What’s the current view of covid in your part of the country?



    Hey CarDriver,

    Here in Austin, TX we have had an amazing downward trajectory in new cases due to our pushing for stricter enforcement of PPE with higher fines than the state wanted to do. It “feels” like most businesses have also really taken it seriously and do not allow entrance without a mask.

    Right now we are beating the curve but all it takes is one or two idiots to ignore the risks and we could have another blow-up. Just have to stay with it and keep our resolve to care for each other and ourselves.

    I was glad to hear that King County’s cases are on the decline as well! We can all get through this together!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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