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    Yesterday I dined at a local bar seated next to a person who was having a cellphone video dinner date. Yes, entire meal consumed while gabbing nonstop on the phone. I could see the person on the other end was having a glass of wine – hence dinner date. Patron had earpiece in so at least we were only hearing half the conversation, but still. I think it’s a novel idea, but one that should be practiced at a table, not the bar where it really is a distraction for other patrons (and the bartender for that matter).

    I think it bothered me because the person was facing forward so I could easily hear everything said, whereas if you’re dining at the bar with another warm body, conversation is directed sideways so much quieter.

    Where does this fall on your rude-o-meter? Does it fall on your rude-o-meter?


    Research supports the idea that overhearing one sided conversations are more annoying then conversation between two people.




    i do’t really want to be treated to anyone’s second hand one sided conversation in public

    and yet.. i too have been guilty of walking down the street finishing a timely conversation :(

    what can i say.



    rude!! if they were alone in a corner booth somewhere, that might be less rude. I have to listen to one-sided conversations all day and they annoy the hell out of me. Naturally annoying as earlier poster pointed out coupled with the reality that many people are louder when they are on the phone. I think i would have gotten up and left.



    absolutely rude, if its an important call step outside



    When I first moved to Seattle, my husband was still having to commute to the east coast to work each week, home only 2 days a week. This went on for nearly 2 years. We spent two anniversaries apart and had “phone dates” where we both went to a restaurant and “ate together” while talking on the phone. So I understand someone wanting to do that in some situations. That being said, I was always mindful that I was in a restaurant talking on a phone. I kept my voice very low. I also chose a table in a corner, as far away from people as I could. I’m sure my conversation was probably lower than if the 2 of us were sitting there talking to each other. But it doesn’t sound as if this person had that kind of care for anyone else around them, and that’s unfortunate.



    Rude, rude, rude. Might be a cute idea, but only if done from home. Then feel free to make it as rude or as crude as you like.



    I just experienced this, too a couple months ago at Cactus — it was so weird and uncomfortable!!! There was a gal dining next to us with someone sitting next to her at her table who she ignored the entire meal to interact with someone on her I-Pad, live-chat… she was talking quite loud and showing the other person her food and around the restaurant, had her waiter interact with the person, it was like a freaking side-show.

    I understand the Sue scenario, corner table, chatting low, I wouldn’t mind that I don’t think but this was too much. I was annoyed as was my dining companion. If this becomes commonplace (god forbid), maybe they need to start making separate sections for this. I get to go out so infrequently, I would not sit through another meal like that again but would ask to be moved.



    This is kind of interesting because depending on the personal situation. My son-in-law was deployed. And he would randomly Skype with her. He couldn’t always tell her in advance. She has been out with friends when this has happened, but she would excuse herself from the crowd to go to a quiet place to hear him. This I would not call rude. So I guess it would depend on the situation??



    Rude. Were you tempted to join the conversation?



    For once, I wasn’t tempted to contribute uninvited to the conversation. I do like to stick my beak in on occasion, but I also don’t like to intentionally make my companions and/or neighbors uncomfortable so I just tried to ignore.

    As for the other scenarios mentioned above – walking on the street, corner table, excusing yourself to have the call in private – nothing there to complain about.

    Jissy for the win!



    May I add “creepy” as a choice?

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