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    I am DONE shopping at Capco Plaza stores. The last straw came today. I had to pick up some pet food and litter (big bags) at Petco, so I parked upstairs at QFC (no spots on the street), then went down the stairs and over to Petco to buy my things. Decided to use the elevators to get back up to my car and BOTH were out of order.

    That is inexcusable, intolerable, irresponsible, and just plain bad customer service. I work in the service industry, and we VALUE our guests and if we treated them with such contempt and neglect, we wouldn’t be in business very long.

    If you shop at Capco Plaza often, you’re probably aware that one elevator has pretty much been permanently out of order. In fact, both Petco and QFC have it barricaded by shopping carts, etc. But today, the other elevator wasn’t working, either. I waited for a good five minutes for it, with the light going on, then off, then on, then off, until finally a Petco staffer told me it wasn’t working. No sign, of course.

    QFC had out of order signs on both cars on their main level, but no sign on the second car on the upstairs level. Of course, after I went back up the stairs, my arms full of bags of food and litter, I found a group of people standing around waiting for an elevator that wasn’t going to come and which they didn’t know wasn’t going to come because QFC didn’t bother to put up a sign.

    Really, really bad customer service. Does anyone know who manages this building and how to contact them about this problem that has gone on WAY TOO LONG? I’m sure these stores pay a hefty sum in rent, and the owners of the property can afford to either repair or replace the elevators.

    In the meantime, there are other pet shops and other grocery and liquor stores around town that I can patronize. I’m done with this building.



    @teddym the building is owned by Leon Capelouto. He owns a bit of property in West Seattle, in fact he’s the one behind Lee’s & Kamei being demolished on California. I happen to live in the building and the elevators are frequently down (or key fob system not working) for residents, so the QFC elevators being down isn’t surprising. Though you are correct…with the amount of money made from those businesses PLUS the crazy amount of rent being paid to live in the building you’d think all elevators would work ALL the time. Nope! I don’t blame you for being done.



    I work in a building owned by Leon Capelouto in the Junction (separate of the ones already mentioned). Crumbling walls, broken electrical, peeling (very old) paint, leaking ceilings. All reported to and seen by him. At a minimum, it’s been 3 years without resolution.
    I wonder if the elevator issue is an ADA violation? Maybe that will get him to respond.



    The one elevator has not been “permanently” out of order. About 2 months ago something happened (not sure what/why) and the one closest to the QFC windows was out of order. They both worked fine before that. I’m disabled and take the elevator all the time from the upstairs parking. The second elevator being out is new. Definitely good to know as I depend on it. But please don’t exaggerate that they “permanently” have only one elevator.

    And I’m have no interest/involvement with Capco, QFC nor the building. Just a nearby neighbor who shops their often.



    Is the elevator working today?

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