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    it doesn’t stop when the time’s up :)

    did this today on a bluff over carceek park (spelling?)…

    best hour of my day :)



    i can do nothing for 2 days. just ask my wife.




    that’s pretty much what my husband said :)


    The Velvet Bulldog

    Well geez, I do this all the time when trying to avoid homework. Although it’s usually accompanied by the sound of me whining, not ocean waves.



    well, I’ve used a wheelchair for 35 years, so I thought I had the sitting part pretty well mastered, but I was told I failed as soon as I started — was I not supposed to breathe either??

    Many years ago, I visited Ashland OR and spent hours sitting on a footbridge over the creek in Lithia Park, mesmerized by the water. Later went to the Rogue River and did the same thing at the Natural Bridge before going on to Crater Lake and then to Klamath Falls as the sun set. Stunning drive.

    JoB — correct spelling is Carkeek; beautiful park for not being in West Seattle.




    there is something about moving water… and rocks… isn’t there?

    You hit some of my favorite places for water induced meditation…

    but you missed the gorge…

    my all time favorite is at the bottom of shepherd’s dell..

    wheelchair accessible and mostly uninhabited…

    it’s on the scenic hwy that passes Multnomah falls

    i had an enjoyable time at Carkeek..

    listening to the waves shuffle the rocks and watching the big ships pass by.



    JoB — thanks for the recommendation; doubt if I will ever be able to make an overnight trip again, but if I get up real early some day …

    That trip was one of those watershed experiences; I was going to put together a tape of water music (James Taylor, Peter Gabriel, etc.) — this song would have been at the top:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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