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    FYI to all local businesses: We will be out and about in the next few days handing out fliers and promoting our fund raiser. If you would like to specifically request that we bring one to your business, please speak up and let us know!

    Thanks to everyone who is helping with this project!



    Aim – a few weeks ago you mentioned that you would be interested in sewing lessons. My friend is just starting a new business here in WS, offering classes/camps and “studio” time for all kinds of sewing projects. Her website is I’m not sure if the class schedule is posted yet, but it should be any day now!

    She promised me she could teach me how to make roman shades (and I’m a non-sewer), so I’m pretty excited!

    I hope it is OK to post this?



    I think we should mention that the response from business owners in this community was phenomenal…

    we had offers of items right up to the last afternoon.. so many that we were unable to connect and offer them all.

    If you offered an item and we didn’t get back to you.. we profoundly apologize… again.. this event and the response to it turned out to be much bigger than we anticipated.

    thanks to all the small businesses and individuals who gave to make the event a success…

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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