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    We don’t normally commute thankfully but my wife has to be downtown by 8 tomorrow for a meeting. She is planning to take the bus for the first time so we’re newbies. Does anyone ride on the #56 or the #57 in the morning? Is there usually capacity at the Olga St stop (at 07:12 and 07:21 respectively), just before heading down Admiral hill to the Bridge? She’s worried that since it’s the last stop in W. Seattle if there’s not room she’ll be hosed.

    I’m grateful for your insight!



    I don’t ride them, so can’t answer your questions on capacity, etc (though others *should* be able to), but just a word of caution: in the e-mailed “Alerts” from Metro, I see Routes 55/56/57 come up frequently as being cancelled, presumably due to a lack of drivers.

    A much safer option, especially with not a lot of time to plan and receive other advice, plus being new to Metro, may be to get over to the southbound stop at California & Admiral (in front of Circa), and hop on a 50, or 128, and transfer to the rapid Ride “C” line at the (Alaska) Junction. Another option might be, if ending up on the 50, would be to stay on until SODO (at 4th & Lander?), and catching Light Rail into town. I’ll let someone with actual experience in that transfer, give more detail, as my guessing might be inaccurate.

    I know it’s a drag to have to transfer, especially if getting over to California would be a pain, and if the 56/57 run basically outside your door, but it may be the safest bet.

    In any case, good luck to your wife on this adventure!

    (Here’s Metro’s page for Alerts. There should be a place where you can sign up to receive the cancelled route, etc, info via e-mail and/or smartphone app: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/alerts/)




    7:12 and 7:21 @ Olga, yep usually close to SRO. She’d be able to squeeze in but if you could jump ahead a few stops that would be better like at 39th or 41st. It isn’t that long to downtown so it should be OK and there should be room. If she was bringing an attorney’s rolling case, I would consider the 50–plenty of room though you have to de-bus at SODO and take light rail in.



    JayDee is correct. The 56/57 usually fills up at the California and Admiral stop. If it is possible for your wife to board west of that stop, you’ll get a seat.



    You don’t say where your wife needs to be at 8. However, I have been taking the 6:55am #57 at California & Admiral every weekday to be at work by 8. It doesn’t fill up to the point of refusing those at Olga, never. It just beats the worst traffic so it will get her there at a ridiculously early time. But I have barely made it to work when taking the 7:11 #56.



    That’s actually not the last stop in West Seattle, SW Admiral Way and SW City View is the last stop and it’s more often than not SRO by that time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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