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    I read “best” this or that restaurant rankings with a fair amount of skepticism. However, a recent Zagat ranking of Best Seattle Burgers in the PI got my attention. In the top ten list, four were within easy access and are places I’ve enjoyed: The Swinery, Jaks, Zippy’s and Ma’ono. Not bad if you don’t want to put in the effort to make your own. However, if you do, it’s pretty easy to pick up some chuck at a number of local suppliers and Macrina buns at the Met and do pretty well on your own. Still, it’s nice to see and enjoy the evolution of good eats in West Seattle.



    I can honestly say the burger I had at The Swinery was the best burger I’ve ever eaten in my life. I love me some Zippy’s too, but the Swinery burger is the stuff dreams are made of.



    I’ve never been to Swinery or Ma’ono for burgers, but Jaks is one of the best I’ve ever had. Zippys is good, but they are hit or miss in my opinion, and not always worth the trip. I really enjoy Coastline burgers.



    we are lucky to have so many different options..
    but i am still a zippys fan… their junior burger is the right size and i can have it the way i want it…



    West City Kitchen makes a great burger too, as does Circa. I’m a huge fan of JaK’s however, that burger is delicious and the fries are just right. I think Thriftway sells great pre-made burgers (different combos too, they have a bacon/cheddar option) in their meat department if you ever feel like grilling at home and avoiding the temptation of french fries. We still need to check out Coastline, they do seem pretty busy so that’s always a good sign!



    best burger I’ve ever had, hands down, is Loretta’s in South Park. killer fries, too.



    Coastline’s burgers are right up there in taste and quality. Highly recommended.



    Went to Coastline for the first time yesterday and was not that thrilled. Menu choices are limited (as is seating) and I don’t think $7 for a small, simple burger and $3 for a Coke is reasonable in a joint where you order at the counter and bus your own…space. Neither table was available, and I don’t love perching on a stool at a shared counter space.



    I guess it’s perspective. Coastline is now my to-go burger preference (the barbecue). Yes, it’s smaller than what I would get at JaKs, but JaK’s burger is $14 (includes fries), and I usually cannot finish it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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