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    Informal Poll

    Which of the following do you think Mayor McGinn will one day be most remembered for, if he is remembered for anything at all?

    Please select one:

     □ Delaying the Tunnel

     □ Delaying the 520 Project

     □ Delaying the Summer of 2010

     □ Building the “Seawall to Nowhere”




    I fully support the delay of the 520 bridge until light rail is added

    I fully support not allowing the tunnel to be built until the funding/overcost issue is addressed

    The Seawall, if it needs to be replaced, sounds like a no brainer

    That leaves the non-summer of 2010!!



    You guys are a bit early on the summer thing, summer in Seattle doesn’t start until July 7.



    Ok, he is off the hook for 3 more weeks, that it. Tops.


    I’ve said it before. He is damned sure to get us on our bicycles one way or another.

    all hail mayor mc cheese!



    Todd…no bike for me. The ol’ body just doesn’t work like that anymore – lol. But, I also haven’t driven my car in a year. Walk , bus, Zipcar.

    I don’t know Mayor McGinn, have never met him. He may be a super nice guy…but he comes across (to me) as in a fog when it comes to “leadership”, decision making, etc. He shows up at the South Park Bridge meeting and all he can muster up is “I’m sorry this has happened to you” Like he wasn’t quite aware that South Park existed as part of Seattle. I’ll just bet he didn’t know much about the area before this. Oh, yeah, the city is more than downtown, Queen Anne, Ballard, Magnolia.

    On the other hand, he tells voters that he’ll go along with the tunnel…gets elected…and now fights it…so there is a bit of cunning in there, too. Makes one wonder if he can be trusted.

    We wanted change, but sometimes you have to beware what you ask for.



    I predict McGinn will go down as one of the worst mayors of Seattle.

    My vote for your poll is he will get nothing accompished in his term as mayor.



    Including light rail on the 520 and protecting the tax payers on the tunnel alone will get him in the top 20. If he can give us a summer, maybe top 15!!!



    Yeah, getting light rail on 520 and protecting taxpayers on the tunnel will get McGinn points—but only if he delivers on those things soon, and only if it’s not at the cost of strangling the projects themselves. That’s the part McGinn really doesn’t seem to get.

    History gives more brownie points to people who start and finish things than to those who stop them.

    And it gives none to those who merely delay . . .



    thansen: You’re more likely to be right than anyone else here.

    Mayor Obstructionist will go down in history as our own insignificant little Nero – fiddling away in his bicycle lane while the city loses businesses and jobs at an alarming rate.

    You wanted him? You got him, Seattle. Enjoy.



    You are referring to Mayor McAginnit, right?

    Seriously folks, light rail on 520? Gee, that would really pass muster with City of Seattle voters in Montlake/Eastlake/Cap Hill. Especially with the squealing trains down in Tukwila and Rainier Valley. Not to mention Medina, Clyde Hill, and Hunt’s Point and Yarrow Point. Talk about politically dead–“if you didn’t nail it’s feet to the perch, it would be pushing up daisies.”

    McAginnit will be the first Mayor remembered for what he didn’t do, rather than what he did do. Greg Nickels must be joyful that Mike McGinn is making him look positively proactive.

    Don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy. Whatever his name is.



    He has a good point about the light rail lane but it needed to be made many years ago.

    The tunnel cost overrun complaint could be legitimate, however given everything else he’s said about the tunnel it looks to me like he’s just using it as an angle to stop the project.



    he may surprise us all..

    When Portland elected a bike riding tavern keeper Mayor… you should have heard the comments..

    Bud Clark is now remembered as the Mayor who ushered in an urban renewal and public transportation plan that are now the envy of the Northwest…

    not to mention that memorable statue on the bus mall:)

    Now there is an idea.. a bus mall.. two bus dedicated streets in downtown… low cost.. high impact..

    and i am betting that a howl you could hear in Portland would erupt if McGinn suggested it.

    He does have a good point about light rail and it’s not too late to do something about it… you don’t have to lay the track to dedicate space…

    And he has a good idea about cost over-runs.. because if they aren’t kicked we will all be paying a toll to use that tunnel.

    As for the seawall… have you noticed Seattle is built on a saltwater bay and that the seawall is really really old? It’s a really good thing that it was built during a time when engineers over-constructed rather than the cost/benefit analysis for failure that is part of our public construction lexicon today or the waterfront would have collapsed into the bay years ago. Saltwater corrodes.

    Delayed transportation projects and differed maintenance seem to be the Seattle way …

    unless of course you are building a ballpark or a trolley linking a business district that hasn’t been built yet to downtown … in which case no cost is too high.

    Tho… I may never be able to forgive him for not pulling the switch on summer. i want tomatos before september :(



    I’ll be the first (and maybe last) to admit that I voted for him in the primary to “send a message” to Greg Nickels. The message was, “think about the people and stop pandering to the corporations.” The message was NOT “bye bye.” Then, oops, we were left with two and it wasn’t the right two. That’s what happens — you get McGinn — in Kentucky, if we’re not lucky, you get Rand Paul. :-)



    a lesson to be learned with an election looming and dissatisfaction with broken promises erupting…

    i still have hope that McGinn will turn out for the best… he certainly beat the alternative at election time.

    however, i see no reason for hope at all if mr slick wins the senate seat..



    JoB, Mr Slick? Its the tight end from the other side of the state that scares me the most. Since there is no party rules come primary time I need to figure out which guy is LEAST electable and give them my vote. Its looking Rossi so far….



    Carson, you need to do a bit more research :-) Rossi is a reasonable Rockefeller-like R — he has a strong (Palin-backed) opponent. I’m counting on his victory in the primary. AND I’m not using his name so he won’t show up in searches.

    But he will be easy to find — he was a star at the R convention last weekend. :-)



    If I was Patty Murray, who would I rather face? I say Rossi right now. Didier is an unknown (we know Dino) who is riding a wave right now.Today, I would rather face Rossi. Between being anti-choice, anti-fmaily, and the old “I am not running on those issues” he will make an easy target for all those special interest negative ads. Run Dino Run!!

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