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    Somehow, I just expected everything there to taste… chalky.

    At least that’s better than that dry erase marker smell.




    LOL, I was reading all these comments and I was thinking maybe next time, when ordering the chef’s choice, ask for them to not make their food so damn good, so it will be easier for you to decide what you like. LOL I’m kidding of course.

    I agree that their food is beyond amazing and I’m so looking forward to going back.

    I think that’s pretty high praise to have folks looking forward to their next visit. : )



    Was the $40 tasting menu for just one person or two? I would love to go to dinner here if I’m going to be in the neighborhood!



    The tasting menu starts at $25 and you can name your price from there. We haven’t done a tasting menu to know if it’s pp; BF and I usually just order an appetizer and a main and split both, we’re always satisfied with the quantity. Haven’t had room to try the desserts which sound awesome.

    They’ve been pretty consistently crowded, so recommend reservations. However, when we were there for lunch it was empty; highly recommend going for lunch.



    The tasting menu is per person. We went several months ago and ordered the $25 menu and it was more than enough food and everything was excellent. This thread is reminding me to get back there soon!



    We went on a Friday night around 7:30, and we were able to get a table right away.

    BBB was a B- for me. Food was a B+, service a C, slow. I didn’t really like the clip board situation either, since we were missing some pages.

    Maybe I was expecting more…or something else. It was decent, but didn’t leave much of a good impression on me. I didn’t leave with the ‘oooh, I can’t wait to come back and try -dishX-!’ feeling….as I suspected I would.



    We went Sunday night at 6pm (had reservations).

    The waitress suggested that we each order something different and have it come out family style. So we had fun getting to try several dishes (salmon profiteroles, osso buco, seafood pot pie, scallops, brussel sprouts and for dessert the cheese plate and chocolate caramel pie) and everything was great!

Viewing 7 posts - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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