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    AWESOME !! I my gosh, I read the reviews and they were very good so now I can say for myself Everything we had was amazingly good.

    Started with bread with a yummy olive oil spread, SO GOOD. (it was complimentary, “Did you hear that Springhill”??)

    Then we had the “Warm goat cheese salad”, very tasty and the different textures were delightful. Then we had the “Pumpkin Risotto w/Crispy pork bellys” SO SO SO good.

    We finished with the “Smoked Duck Ravioli” and this was shear perfection !!! (That is not an overstatement)

    I also had a cocktail “Grapefruit Margarita” SO GOOD, freshly squeezed juice Makes the cocktail.

    This all came to $58 which I thought was reasonable considering it filled the two of us up and made us SMILE.

    EVERYTHING was Great and I will definitely be back and look forward to it.



    I just had dinner for at BB Bistro for the first time on Saturday and it was lovely! Although I have to say, can we not bash Spring Hill? It’s a lovely place and we need all the nice restaurants in West Seattle that we can get!


    Hmm, that’s nice but I wouldn’t know. Tried to go there at 1 PM on a Tuesday for lunch but they were closed!! Ended up at another restaurant that doesn’t have wacky hours. Perhaps another time.



    Their hours are posted on their website…advice is to check first before going anywhere. Not all restaurants are open for lunch. MG..try it for dinner sometime…it’s great !



    Monosyllabic Girl,

    Many many places are not open for lunch, not sure I would call that wacky hours, more about the hours you can turn enough tables to make it worth your effort. I mean not even Pagliacci close to the junction is open for lunch.



    We were there Sunday night with friends from the eastside and they loved it too! We were already hooked. Someday I’ll develop enough self restraint to try the tasting meal but I always get hooked on the blackboard list. And the grapefruit margarita is amazing! I, who don’t like “fancy made-up drinks” can’t resist that either.



    Took some friends from L.A. there last weekend and we were all very impressed with the food. Funny that the one thing that sounded the best ended up being my least favorite: the parmesan-crusted broccoli was good, but a little too oily for me. The decor could use a little extra attention but otherwise it was a big hit with us and I look forward to going back again soon.



    I’ve already raved on another post, but my kids did mention the lack of music. I don’t think it bothered me at all.



    Was there on Saturday for lunch. As always, incredible food and cocktails, and I do recall music as I either embarrassed or entertained my companions with my chair dancing and singing along. Chef Jacob even came out to say hello.



    @charlabob – go for the tasting menu, when we were there several months ago it was a selection of dishes from the menu and all delicious! It’s a good deal, too…


    We went to Blackboard Bistro on opening night and had the tasting menu. Every dish was spectacular. We went again last night and the trend continues. Every dish we had was fresh, hot, creative and amazing. The pulled pork sliders were delicious and prompted oooohs and aaaaaahs with absolutely every bite. The grilled pear salad was big enough for two and the arugula was tiny and tender. Blackboard is our new favorite in West Seattle and it appears is developing quite a loyal following.



    can’t wait to find out..

    we have reservations tonight :))))



    i now understand what too much of a good thing means…

    the $40 tasting menu at Blackboard Bistro is literally too much of a very good thing…



    Yeah, their “small plates” can be quite filling.




    it was filling..

    we have the last savory in the fridge waiting to reheat…

    but i think it was also overload on the senses…

    one incredible taste sensation after another.

    so much so that it is difficult for any one dish to stand out… except maybe desert… a sliver of chocolate and caramel topped with salt and accompanied by ice cream …sigh.

    and… maybe it was too late for this early bird…

    a three hour meal probably needs to start at 6 for me:)

    i would do it again.. but the smaller version…

    or go with a crowd and build our own tasting plates family style.

    or just make it a once a week habit till i worked my way through the menu :)

    now that could be fun!



    We went last night and had some amazing dishes. Our reservation was at 8:00pm and they were already out of a couple of dishes, so go early!

    Started with the Brussel Sprouts – OMG good (bacon!) – and the Parsnip Salad, which was so creative and sweet (the chestnut slices were a yummy surprise).

    The vote for the best dinner dish at our table was the Fishermans Pie – kind of a crustless pot pie with a big puff pastry on top – filled with plump Mussels, Clams, Halibut (I think), Salmon, red potatoes and other scrumptiousness.

    Very talented peeps in the kitchen. Can’t wait to go back!



    wundergrrrrl, we were there last night and had the high end tasting menu — JoB is right — we should have started earlier :-)

    We had all of the things you mentioned (and many more.) The bruseel sprouts were a particular surprise, because I *loathe* brussel sprouts and liked those a lot. It helped that they didn’t taste like brussel sprouts. The two savorys that appeared last (pulled pork sliders with jalapenos) and an amazingly tender osso bucco (sp?) were equally wonderful — when I was so sated I couldn’t imagine eating any more. In fact, I’m about to go eat the leftover osso bucco which we brought home.

    Agree with JoB — next time we’ll arrange a larger party and put together our own “tasting/sharing” menu. (We’ll warn you ahead of time, Jacob :-)

    Save room for the chocolate/carmel/ice cream thingy. And share it — the smaller “tasting menu” version was more than enough.



    i loved the brussel sprouts..

    because i could taste the brussel sprout in them:)


    I must be missing something here. At blackboard there is no set price for their tasting menu. The diner sets the price. We had a $25 tasting menu and it was awesome. Five courses plus dessert. I can’t imaging how much food we’d get for $40. I sensed from the comment about the “high end tasting menu” that somehow the restaurant had provided too much of a good thing – maybe I’m just being protective of Blackboard because we love it so. Perhaps the customer had ordered too much of a good thing? It’s hard not to do when everything is so good.



    Nooo—-we’re not complaining about BBB – we’re complaining about our own gluttony; we ordered the $40 menu because we didn’t know better :-) They did say that the price isn’t for s set number of dishes — but, still — I don’t think either of us were blaming blackboard. Thanks for pointing out that it might seem that way! :-)



    West Seattle Art Attack…

    the trouble with the tasting menu is that it is so vague. the # of dishes is not the only variable in pricing… selection is also a factor.

    For our $40 we were served tasting plates of predominantly higher priced menu options.

    Would we have received the same number of plates but less expensive options for $30? or $20?

    There is no way to tell…

    Certainly our waiter couldn’t tell us what to expect. He couldn’t even tell us how many courses were left near the end of our meal without asking in the kitchen…

    the waitress who stopped by our table to say hello about the time we had asked our waiter how many courses were left did let us know that take out boxes were a common occurrence with the most expensive sampling menu …

    so there must be some correlation between cost and volume.

    if we order the tasting menu next time we go to Blackboard Bistro.. we are likely to order the less expensive version..

    but i don’t feel that ordering the more expensive version this weekend reflected gluttony so much as wanting the best sampling of what Blackboard’s kitchen could produce…. and we got that.

    We eat out relatively often..

    but our tab is more often $30 for dinner for two..

    So… when we choose a leisurely meal with friends.. we indulge ourselves.

    Blackboard Bistro’s tasting menu delivered.

    I would go back for any one of the dishes we were served in a heartbeat… but i don’t think i would choose to order them all at the same time again.

    it was truly too much of a good thing for me.



    JoB is right — I should not have claimed to speak for her; on behalf of charlabob and catlbob, we indulged in gluttony, and no one made us do it. I’ll be eating the remnants of the little black take-home box for lunch today :-)




    puppies got some of ours..

    but the rest went to hubby’s lunch on sunday.

    and he enjoyed it.


    Point well taken, my fellow Forum prowlers. I agree 100 percent that the tasting menu is a bit vague. I had always assumed that the dollar amount equated to volume rather than from what end of the menu cost spectrum the tasty tidbits came. I just always assumed more money meant more food. Good point about the alternate approach. I guess we can all agree that the food is great regardless of how it is ordered. Yum!



    West Seattle Art Attack

    we agree.

    the food is very good

    it’s not something i could or would cook for myself

    and you get good value for your dollar.

    a big thumbs up to the chef.

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