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    We are on the search for a super safe and caring place to board our Papillon for a couple of days. I have looked up a few places here in West Seattle and they all seem good, but I am terrified that our little girl will get hurt cause she is little. Any recommendations would be great!



    Have you considered a professional pet sitter? There are many in the area. I have used JW PetCare for several years now, and my cat just loves them.



    I have to admit, the title of this post ALMOST kept me from reading it altogether. Wasn’t sure if it was about boarding planes, or… ???

    In any case, I also would recommend a pet sitter. Licensed/bonded of course. Search the forums for pet sitter recs, I’m sure there are at least 500 threads that have covered this very issue.

    Friends of mine use the boarding facility on California and Othello (or is it Frontenac?)… anyway, the one that is on the corner by Gatewood Elementary. Another friend, who has a much larger dog than a Papillion, boards at some place down by SeaTac, and another friend (who has boxers) boards out in Woodinville. How far are you willing to drive?



    Use a professional, licensed pet sitter or boarding/Vet facility. (Lien Animal Clinic gives lots of love to boarded clients)

    Or find a friend that will take her for a few days.

    Calling various Vet offices for pet sitter recommendations is another avenue to finding good care for your girl.



    Location is not really an issue. Just want the best while we can not be with her. We don’t have any friends without young children. Thanks for responses :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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