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    West Seattle/White Center managed to snag four out of the 10 best burgers in Seattle per a 2015 Zagat survey.

    #9 Ma’ono

    #8 JaK’s

    #4 Zippy’s

    #1 Swinery

    Coastline’s not there yet but maybe 2016?



    Bummed that Swinery raised their prices, even though most of the others cost even more. At least Zippys is still reasonable. I also like Blue Moon on Alki.



    If I have to cut it in half and still can’t get a bite that contains some of each ingredient, it’s not a burger; it’s something else; it’s cute; too cute; pretentious; mostly just annoying.



    JTB.. if you can’t pick it up with two hands and don’t require a warm towel to wash your hands when it is done.. it’s ok.. but not something you crave again days later :)

    i still remember the first burger i couldn’t put down…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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