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    I know you can see bats out at Greenlake, but I wondered if there’s anywhere closer to see them flying around. Not looking for a guided walk (like Camp Long), just a location to try.



    Not sure… Once or twice a year, usually during the summer or early fall, I’ll see them behind the Alaska Junction at dusk, darting about but never with any consistency. I haven’t seen them this year, so far though.



    I’ve never seen any bats in WS. Would love to have some around though. A couple of years ago my neighbor installed a bat house on his roof hoping to attract some to move in but was unsuccessful. Too bad, we certainly have enough mosquitoes to keep them fed.



    The Seattle Police Department has their horse stables right next to Westcrest Park. They have a big bat house, painted gray with a Batman style bat on the box, hanging in a tree as you drive into the stables. I’ve never been there after dark, but I imagine that box has a few residents.



    You could probably see them at dusk at Camp Long without taking a guided walk, they would likely be flying over the parade grounds there. I have seen them over the lawn at Me Kwa Mooks, too. Any place with a greenbelt nearby will probably have a few bats living there and out hunting at twilight, it’s usually just a matter of being out at the right point in the evening to see them.



    Thanks, everyone. I didn’t think Camp Long would be open to non-campers late enough, but I’ll check that. I’ll give Me Kwa Mooks a try.



    Fauntleroy, along Lincoln Park…just after dark. I used to spot them near the street lights, where bugs congregate.



    North Admiral has a nice bat population with lots of ravines and greenbelts. The key is spotting them. Twilight/dusk; look up toward the mid horizon. Your time frame to view them is limited. They are very small and move fast. If you see something you think is a bird it’s probably a bat. There are some very good websites for research available but I’m sorry I don’t have a recommendation handy.



    White Center Heights Park has a bat box in the north west corner of the grassy clearing

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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