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    Does anyone know if it is legal to use a backyard fire pit (the metal type with legs) when there is no burn ban in effect? I tried finding the code online but have had no success and I’ve yet to stop at the fire station nearby and bug them for an answer….



    I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard that if you have a outdoor fire you’re theoretically supposed to be cooking something over it. I’ve gone to parties where the hosts had a fire going and just kept a package of hotdogs next to it in case the authorities had nothing better to do and decided to make an appearance.



    I haven’t used our backyard ‘fireplace’ in years, but if we do fire it up this summer I’ll be sure to have some s’more fixings in case the authorities stop by- yum!

    oh, sorry i’m no help in answering your question either. all i could think of when i saw this post was making s’mores!



    As I understand it, recreational fires are OK. But if the smoke from the wood fire crosses property lines and bothers a neighbor and they complain you can be cited. You’re also required to have a fire extinguisher nearby. There is much more information on the website of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency:



    This press release says burn bans are in effect until Sept. 30 for King County. It applies to burning yard debris, so you’re ok. There are some restrictions though.

    “Properly attended campfires are allowed on private land if they’re built in a metal, stone or masonry-lined fire pit, at least 30 feet from possible fuel such as tree limbs.”




    You can use your firepit as long as you have the grate covering over it thus making it essentially a barbeque. The reason I know this is one night many years ago after working hard on our home remodel my husband and I went into the backyard on a cool but pleasant night and fired up our pit (without grate) while we were cooking steaks on our gas grill and enjoying a well deserved glass of wine by the firepit. The new neighbors in back of us whose monstrosity of a house looked into our backyard and caused us to do a bunch of re-landscaping to keep some privacy (and who we since learned is a firefighter) and his next door neighbor at the time called the SFD on us. We were greeted by an engine and full complement of firefighters who told us if the grate had been on it would have been OK, so we had to douse it all while the “neighbors” (I use the term loosely) were watching from 2nd floor deck. Needless to say our well deserved respite was ruined, my husband went to bed without eating the steaks and I (being an East Coast transplant) drank my wine and cursed the neighbors! And yes they were still out there!



    Thank you for the great responses! I knew I could get my answer. I love it here!

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